Wedding Story on its way


just thought we would share a pic with you, it was an awesome wedding – everything we dreamed it would be. stay tuned for the official wedding story….

9 responses to “Wedding Story on its way

  1. Ahh! So beautiful 🙂

  2. beautiful! can’t wait for the post. much much mazel.

  3. Mazal Tov!
    You both look WONDERFUL.
    May this be the beginning of simchas upon simchas!!

  4. May you have all happiness and blessing upon blessing. Your story gives so much hope. I am so happy for you!

  5. lady lock and load

    Hadassah, you look so so beautiful! Mazal Tov to both of you. And I also saw your pics on only simchas! I am smiling from ear to ear.
    I wish you both only the best, and may the ending of every fairy tale be yours…and they all lived happily ever after!!!!

    I saw the pics on facebook!! Wonderful, good health to you all.

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