Traditionally this time of year heralds the arrival of the beginning of the PrePesachInsanity. (PPI for short). Some balabustas that I know start cleaning for Pesach at Chanukah time, some wait for the end of Purim. I usually start a fortnight before, and work like a mad woman. I am the same way with any deadline. Give me three months to do something, I can do it in 2 weeks, the last 2 weeks, working till the 11th hour. Just who I am. But I am trying to change.


So firstly we have PPI to deal with. Then, let’s not forget, that the Queen is due to move her court to Monsey in a few months. That means that she needs to direct her minions (who seem to still be on a drunken binge since the wedding and haven’t been heard from since) to pack up all the Queen’s belongings in preparation for the big move.


Some wise person who shall remain nameless suggested that instead of spending the time now going through all the stuff, she should have the movers take it all, and go through it at her leisure once she has moved. Ix nay on that. if the Queen doesn’t do it now, we all know she never will.


Today was the day marked to begin declutterfication of my closets. A daunting task. I decided to start with my shoes. I don’t know about you, but I feel a bond with some of my shoes. These were bought on sale in that cute little store in an alley behind somewhere, these are designer heels that kill but are oh so cute and were oh so reduced…..each shoe has a personality and a story. But to be honest, there are plenty that I do not wear, have not worn in a long time, and there really is no need to keep them. So I was thinking I could be ruthless, cut a swathe through my shoe shelves (oh to have Carries closet from SATC) but I wasn’t prepared to be assailed by memories that these accessories evoked in me. It sounds so silly getting emotional over shoes, but that’s just the way I am.


(if only I could have had it specified in the Ketubah (marriage contract) that on top of his 3 main obligations the KoD also has an obligation to keep me in shoes….oh well, too late now)


I finally managed to put aside 50 pair that I absolutely do not wear, have not worn in over a year or just plain got bored of. We shall not count up how many are left in the closet, but they may still be culled further. I still have a gorgeous collection – and I know I will have to resist the urge to replace the shoes and boots I have set aside for charity.


So shoes done, I started on the clothes. You may know / remember that two years ago I weighed approx 45lbs more than I do now. Most of my larger clothes were gone, but I kept hold of a few items just in case I gained weight overnight and had nothing to fit into. I have been my present weight for almost a year now, so I think it is fair to assume that I won’t gain anything significant overnight. So I got rid of those clothes. I had a bag of 10 pair of jeans that I haven’t looked at in a while. Now I need to keep a pair or two for when we ride – Harley baby – (Mum, please note, I am not going to tell you that I am going to ride a Harley. I just won’t tell you that I won’t. Ok? Good.) because riding a HOG in a skirt, no matter how wide it is, just isn’t tznius or safe. Don’t worry, my hair will be covered by the helmet. Sheesh! So I shlepped out the bag to try my jeans back on. Sadly only 2 pair fit….happily the others were way way way too big and went back in the bag and were earmarked for charity.


I spent hours in my closets today, and was sad to fold and pack away some of the clothes – again, associated with happy memories. But knowing that I was organizing so that when its time to pack up I don’t have to declutterfy and it will simplify my life, well, that made it easier.


I can now walk in to my two walk-in closets, and shocker of all shocks, I could if I so choose, fit all my clothes into one closet. (yes, my closets are colour coded, black clothes here, denim there, whites etc….). I have a row of sheitels right next to my tichels / bandannas / pre-tieds…very logical.


I get a buzz looking at the neatness and order. It’s when I step out of the closets (no jokes please) and survey the rest of my empire that I feel I have not accomplished much. The task at hand is huge, but if I do it bit by bit I will overcome!


While I was organizing my closet Prince ChatterBox was watching and “helping” and he decided he wanted to organize his closet too. 15 minutes later every single item of clothing that he owns was on his bed, and I was sure I was going to have to redo his closet myself once he got tired. But he did it all himself. His closet is far from organized according to my standards, but he is only 6, and I am so proud of him for wanting to help. “wow, Ima, this sure is hard work” he said. Such a yumster.


Next task is to tackle my desk before it gets up and walks away in protest…..wish me luck – that desk has been ignored for weeks because I just don’t like the way it looks at me. As we used to say when we were kids “don’t look at me in that tone of voice, you smell a funny colour”……….


I wish you all much luck with your own personal versions of PPI – remember, pesach cleaning is NOT spring cleaning whichever way you slice it. I declutterfied my closet and found no chametz – so does that disqualify it from pesach cleaning? A point to ponder……


4 responses to “DeClutterfication

  1. lady lock and load

    “Some wise person who shall remain nameless suggested that instead of spending the time now going through all the stuff, she should have the movers take it all, and go through it at her leisure once she has moved.” Only a man would suggest that, I am with you all the way, getting rid of the clutter is one of the things I like about moving! Now you have inspired me as I take advantage of the snow day to do some Pesach cleaning and decluttering!

  2. ElianahSharon

    I have to go through my room and declutterify. I still have clothes that were my grandmother’s! I think, 11 years later, I can part. I am also planning on losing some significant weight…so I am not sure if I should get rid of everything now or wait. But still…I am kind of inspired!

  3. Funny, your friends here in NY were just talking about moving your vast shoe collection while shopping this weekend. It was prompted when we spotted a certain shoe store you will not be able to resist in Manhattan- SHOEGASM!

  4. -did I miss your weight gain-you look as skinny as always!!

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