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Purim was our first Jewish Holiday as man and wife – and what a fun one to start off with. Now, the KoD is more conservative than I am, so donning an Elvis costume was not something I was going to be able to convince him to do, but he enjoyed the fact that I got into the spirit of the holiday. Now, I dressed as my version of a goth, but was mistaken for Cher or a hooker (not quite sure where to go with those…)

Ok fine, here is a pic…….the wig was awful…..but I had fun going in to the local grocery story and wine store to pick up last minute supplies for our Purim dinner dressed like that. People looked twice. I just swaggered and smiled and left them shaking their heads.purim2009-0072

So Purim night we went to shul to hear the megillah, it must have been the hottest ticket in town, because in the ladies section there were a ton of women who had no seats and stood through the whole thing. Now remember, the day immediately preceding Purim is a fast, the Fast of Esther. Those who fast cannot break the fast till after the megillah is read. Standing to hear megillah in a hot stuffy room – it shouldn’t have been a surprise that someone fainted. But the poor girl was so embarrassed.

After megillah was over we went home to break our fast while the oldest of the clan, being all of 13 and a half went out with his mates to collect for tzedakah. He promised not to drink nor smoke, nor do anything he knows I don’t approve of. He kept his word. Prince HockeyFan went to a purim party in school and had fun and got to go to bed late.

I managed to get 4 out of the 5 males in my house out to shul by 630 in the morning, and the littlest prince didn’t awake till 830, so it gave me 2 solid hours to cook in preparation for the festive meal. I made the most delicious brisket – marinated in Jack Daniels and some other condiments, and slowly cooked for 4 hours on 300. The house smelt divine. I also made a chicken soup, chicken schnitzel, mashed taters, sweet potato soufflé with marshmallows (first time making it, was divine) and a bunch of salads.

The littlest guy and I ran to a megillah reading that Sir Julius, the Flying Dutchman, holds in his house for a few select people, and after we ran some errands. Once we had all reconvened back at the palace – we planned our route for delivering Mishloach Manot. The kids made finishing touched to their costumes – Prince Lenny was a Breslovver Hippie, Prince Squiggy, in keeping with the broken leg and crutches, was a pirate, Prince HockeyFan was the Karate Kid, and Prince ChatterBox was a businessman – and off we went.

I was so glad to have KoD here to navigate the streets – the madness and mayhem out there was astounding. NY assertive driving definitely helped! Plus I didn’t get stressed!! Kids running into the street without looking, horse drawn carriages clippity clopping down our one way streets, groups and gaggles of young male people traveling in drunken packs collecting from all and sundry – even coming up to car windows when the cars were in motion. I know it’s a happy holiday, but do the teen boys have to get drunk and / or stupid?

We spent a merry couple of hours delivering and receiving our gift baskets and oohing and ahhing over costumes. Then it was back to the palace to finish up the food preparation (for me) and to overdose on sugar (for the princes). I must say that having the KoD around to help in the kitchen was awesome – and I felt no need to chase him out for getting underfoot. He was totally helpful. Yes the kitchen is my domain, but I don’t mind sharing it. (Plus he washes dishes – definitely a keeper!!)

Our guests arrived at the appointed hour and a marvelously joyous time was had by all. A lot of wine was drunk (amazing how my wine glass stayed full no matter how much I sipped. Interesting theory I have on that, but I shall keep it to myself) and a lot of laughter and frivolity and singing of Broadway show tunes followed. The food was absolutely astounding – and the birthday cake was enjoyed by all.

All in all, it was a wonderful holiday, a happy happy happy day – what a way to celebrate – with family and friends and loved ones. We are all so blessed!!

Open Letter to my darling husband, the KoD.


It goes without saying that I love you, but I am going to tell you again – I love you with every fibre of my being. Spending these last glorious 8 days with you up here in our frozen hometown was just splendiferous.

You were supposed to leave yesterday.Then I got sick. My temperature skyrocketed and I was puking my guts up. You refused to leave, even though you really needed to be back in NY.

You showed me such wonderful TLC – cold compresses, back rubs, running to the store for Powerade, answering the phone for me, offering to do anything to make me feel better. You made sure I took Motrin every 4 hours, and tenderly took my temperature to make sure the drugs were working. You opened and closed the window at my whim – without complaining that you just opened / closed it for me 5 minutes prior. You gently lifted me off the bathroom floor when I had no strength to raise myself. You even took care of Prince Squiggy who was also sick – you are awesome, Dude! Your tender touch made me feel so much better emotionally too.

This is so new – I am not used to being looked after like this. In the last few years, when I have been sick I have stiffened my upper lip and squared my shoulders and moved forward through the pain and fever, because otherwise the kids would have been twisting in the wind. I could never take the time to stay a whole day in bed, even when I absolutely had to. A single mommy doesn’t have that luxury. This time I knew I had you to fall back on, even if it was hard for me to just let go and allow myself to be taken care of.

But finally it did come time for you to leave, and I could see the pain and love in your eyes as you took your leave of me – you wanted to stay, but you needed to go, and if I know you the whole way home you will be thinking of me, and praying that I continue to feel better, and hoping that Prince Squiggy makes sure I drink up all the Powerade that I am supposed to.

My love, my dear heart, I am so blessed to have you in my life, even though for now we have to be separated due to circumstances. The kids are all so important to us, and we have to sacrifice together time for their sake – the best investments we will ever make.

By the time you read this you will have arrived safely back in NY, we will have spoken – and it will be but a short time until we are together again. Just know that I miss you, and am counting the hours until I see you.

I so appreciate the gift that is you – I feel so loved, honoured and cherished. Thank you for being the awesomest husband.

All my love


New addiction

With the new van came a one year free subscription to Sirius Satellite radio. Last week I discovered that they have a Broadway channel – 77. OMG am I in heaven. All day long at home or in the car I am belting out my fave broadway numbers. The kids are actually not too in hate with it. It is much better than the pop music that’s “in” today.

I will say that no matter how much I enjoy it when my free year is up I will not be renewing – its great, but my money needs to go elsewhere. FM or AM radio does just fine.

Brief Update – more to come

I am sick in bed with the stomach flu – fever and vomiting etc.
My dear darling husband delayed returning to NY to take care of me, but he just left. 😦
Purim was absolutely awesome.
Being away from my laptop for 8 days was initially total agony, but I have adjusted.
Hopalong Squiggs had his cast removed today – yay! BUT he is not allowed to bear any weight on his leg for 2 weeks while we strengthen the muscles.

I will try to update more when the room isn’t spinning quite so much.