Daily Archives: March 16, 2009

Marriage Advice

At my bridal shower we had a game where everyone present had to write down on a flower shaped paper two pieces of marital advice – one risqué, one not. So for example, “don’t go to bed angry” and “have a code name for nookie”, and then they were all collected (having been written anonymously), pipe cleaners threaded through the middle of the flower, and presented to me in a bouquet. It was actually very cute and sweet.


So if you were giving out marital advice, what would you advise a newlywed couple? Thanks.

Hair Covering

I am hoping to write a piece on this subject and I am looking for opinions and stories. How does covering your hair because of religious reasons make you feel? Why do you do it? How is your hair underneath? Do you take care of it? How do you cover your hair? Are you the first in your family to do so? Why did you choose to cover, or not cover? Did you consider your husband’s feelings in all of this? Was there pressure on you? Are you divorced and still covering? Why? If not, why did you uncover?


Please email me your stories and opinions – hadassahsabo at gmail dot com