Daily Archives: March 18, 2009

My dream Pesach

A guest posting by Prince Lenny


Seated around the table, surrounded by delicious food, family and friends, singing Pesach songs, listening to Divrei Torah (Words of Wisdom), and the delicious smell of chicken soup wafting by our noses, I am thinking “this is my dream Pesach”. For me Pesach is a time for people to spend time with family, and share stories, and read the Haggadah with commentaries. I think that the more people around the table, feeling like royalty, the more love for G-d and Pesach is around the table.


In my opinion there should be one Pesach that every Jew in the entire world – observant or not – comes together for the Seder with one dish from every person; thousands of children reciting the “Mah Nishtanah” in different languages; the biggest scholars leading the Seder; everything Glatt Kosher – that would be one amazing Pesach.


Some people go to hotels to avoid cleaning and cooking too much for Pesach, but I think the home is where the spirituality is. Myself, I like having Pesach at home because it’s not in the middle of nowhere without a proper shul. Besides, the hotel already has waiters and kitchen staff so that means I can’t help out by serving food or by preparing food in the kitchen even if I wanted to….


Anyhow, my point is, a peaceful Pesach at home, surrounded by friends and family, chicken soup and other foods, that is my dream Pesach.


On my perambulations today I stopped by Le Chateau – sometimes they have awesome long denim skirts going for a song.


So I am scanning the racks, looking for my size. It’s bad enough that they have a size zero – I remember wondering how they could ever improve on that. Not wondering anymore. They now have size double zero. What are they going to do next? Triple zero? Size invisible?


Yes yes, people, I know I am a skinny minny, but I do have curves that I am proud of. And I do not wear a zero. I exist. Is this what the young girls these days are aiming for? To be a zero?


Food for thought…….

Smile and the world smiles with you

It’s funny how a smile can change your day. I am a grumpy piece of work first thing in the morning, as the little princes and KoD can attest to. It takes a job-lot of coffee to sweeten me up on a regular morning and even then they know to be very gentle.


For some reason, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, I woke up this morning with a smile. Before coffee. Unthinkable, absurd, but it happened. Of course the enterprising princes (not all but some) took advantage of the situation and asked for lunch money, play date permission or some such request. They Carpe-d their Diem….good for them.


But I have had this contented smile on my face all day long. People notice. An old codger at the dollar store tried to strike up a conversation with me, by complimenting my hat. I told him thank you as I walked by, to which he said, “no, thank YOU for the smile”.


You smile at someone on the street, unless they are a real grumpy guts, they generally smile back. Of course they think you are absolutely insane for smiling at all and sundry but still, it cheers them up.


On my way out this morning I smiled at one of the janitors in my building and he walked into a wall. Poor Roberto!


I am just hoping this upbeat mood lasts – I am seeing my KoD this weekend, in about 47 hours (not that I am counting or anything).


So people, just smile at the people you see today, bring a little joy to their lives. It will make you feel better.