On my perambulations today I stopped by Le Chateau – sometimes they have awesome long denim skirts going for a song.


So I am scanning the racks, looking for my size. It’s bad enough that they have a size zero – I remember wondering how they could ever improve on that. Not wondering anymore. They now have size double zero. What are they going to do next? Triple zero? Size invisible?


Yes yes, people, I know I am a skinny minny, but I do have curves that I am proud of. And I do not wear a zero. I exist. Is this what the young girls these days are aiming for? To be a zero?


Food for thought…….

7 responses to “Zeroes…..

  1. lady lock and load

    Speaking of food, do you know that bubba’s now serves waffles? but not belgian, unfortunately.

  2. Lady Lock & Load,
    I think that I can be credited with Bubba’s now serving waffles. I spoke to the owner Hal recently about serving them again.

  3. G-d bless you both. A topic such as anorexia and other eating disorders leading teens and others trying to be size 00’s and you’re wanting to stuff your faces with waffles.

  4. KoD, Lady LnL, – waffles are very important – and if ya’ll remember exactly who was it who wanted the Belgian waffles, nay, was PROMISED Bubba’s Belgian waffles – it was me! the QoH, the non-size ZERO QoH who still wants her darn Belgian Waffles, doggoneit!!!

    Z! remember a comment i once heard you make? and its not an exact quote entirely “i can understand forgetting to pay a bill, or forgetting to do my taxes, but IT TAKES A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID TO FORGET TO EAT!” I love ya Babe! but there is a difference between forgetting to eat and deliberately starving oneself to be size zero or smaller.

  5. lady lock and load

    They only have regular waffles and not belgian…I asked!

  6. I think to be a “00” you gotta be a special kind of stupid…
    Bring on the WAFFLES!

  7. 0? 00??
    In my day, size 7 was good. Have they changed the measurements for each size. I never heard of anyone being under a 5.

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