SlumDog Millionaire



I don’t usually write movie reviews on my blog, mainly because I don’t see that many, and those movies that I have seen are not usually worth a review. (Last one I saw in the movie theaters was the latest James Bond and it was just way too noisy…. I’m getting old I guess.)


That changed yesterday. Once I became a single mother I made it my business to sneak away to the movies alone every so often, to just turn off the world and get lost in a world of fantasy, music or dance. Even tho I am now a very happily married mommy I still like to escape occasionally.


Yesterday I snuck out to see Slumdog Millionaire. See, I love the game show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, mainly because I know most of the answers and yell at the TV screen and so think I could ace that show. Many of my friends recommended SlumDog, told me there was a love story woven in, so I decided to see it.


It is set in Mumbai, India, and follows the story of an 18 year old boy, Jamal Malik,  who is on the Indian version of the Millionaire show. We follow his life as a young boy in the slums, as he and his older brother Salim were orphaned, and survived on the streets using their wits and cunning. Because he manages to answer all questions up to the penultimate one correctly, they assume he is cheating and he is arrested for fraud. The movie walks us through the reasons he knows each and every answer. He is due back at the studio for the final question, but he is sitting in a police station trying to convince them he isn’t a cheat. After all, the police think, how can a simple slum kid know so much?


There was a little girl, Latika, who was orphaned at the same time, and Jamal spends most of his life up to now looking for her. This story is about love, about survival, about greed, about overcoming odds, about finding true love despite circumstance. Such things are meant to be.


It was such a feel good movie. I totally fell in love with the music from it, especially the title track Jai Ho. Here it is, courtesy of YouTube.



3 responses to “SlumDog Millionaire

  1. yes its due out in a few weeks on blu-ray, I plan on picking it up! Thanks for sheding some light on this film. I wish you’d write more movie reviews more often. I have a movie review blog in fact, swing by if you’re ever bored!

  2. lady lock and load

    Good for you, I can’t even remember the last movie I went to! It’s good to go chill out sometimes.

  3. Now that you’re moving a bit closer to NY, you should totally audition!
    Auditions start around May and run a while.
    Check out their website.
    Feel free to ask my Joey any questions.
    Good luck!

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