I’m already Pesach Pooped!!


So here’s the Pesach dealio. It costs an arm and a leg, and a couple of extra limbs besides. Financially we are all feeling the pinch, throw Pesach into the mix and we are strangling. But we always manage it because there is no choice.


Preparing for Pesach takes a physical toll too– although how much depends on how machmir you allow yourself to be. If you insist on taking down the 300 piece chandelier and wiping clean each surface, then yes, you will be knackered by seder night. But even if you don’t go crazy on the cleaning, the simple preparation of the house for the holiday is very taxing.


Getting that kitchen completely chometz free – scrubbing refrigerator and oven, stove tops and counters – it’s tough stuff. Grocery shopping for the holiday – bags and bags and pesachbags to be shlepped to the car (I borrowed a car, there was no way to do the pesach shop without one), shlepped from the car  (our apartment is on the 9th floor….), unpacked….Put in the right place…no no not there, that place is chometzdik still…..Running around – getting the matzah that your are makpid on (I couldn’t really care less, but there are those in the family whose opinion totally counts – and apparently there are differences between all the hand shmurah matzahs, and they cost a bloody fortune!!) ..where was I? oh yes. Getting the little things like dish sponges, and plastic tablecloths, to running to the wine merchant to pretend you are knowledgeable about the differences in wines, when really you want to say “I don’t care, so long as it is sweet and cheap!!”, if you use paper and plastic dishes and “silverware” (we call it cutlery where I come from) you would be crazy to buy it at the grocery, so you have to shlepp to the wholesale place. There are a gajillion other things and errands to be done before pesach, and we still have to feed the kids, bathe them, send them to school with a packed lunch (how hard is that the week before pesach when there is no food in the house that they will eat?) and kiss all their booboos, while in our heads our lists are multiplying at an alarming rate. I am ready for a vacation already.


Don’t get me wrong – I cannot wait to sit at the seder with 5 of the most important males in my life (and yes, my brothers, I love you too!!) – and once the kitchen is changed over and I am cooking, I will be more relaxed, because that will have meant the majority of the work is over. Cooking for my men is a pleasure. Sure, there will be last minute bits and bobs that we have forgotten – but I am sure I will have a couple of willing volunteers to run to the store for me.


I did my first Pesach shop this morning. We went early. Like 815 am early. So that I wouldn’t have to arm myself with shin pads and elbow pads and a goalie mask – it gets really crazy at times doing Pesach shopping. Some of those shoppers have real attitude. One year I felt lucky at leaving the store only slightly bruised. (my wallet had taken a tremendous beating as it does every year – do they gouge on purpose??)


This year I am extremely lucky. My eldest Prince, Lenny, ended school yesterday. He is a big kid, almost 14, and eager to help. So he came with me and helped me. We both pushed shopping carts, I put all the heavy stuff in his – hey, mother’s prerogative. We ran around the store checking stuff off our list, but the most important ingredient was nowhere to be found. They were out of KETCHUP!! How can you have matzah brei with no ketchup???? At least they had mayonnaise – can’t have matzah without mayonnaise.


He was awesome, he helped put stuff on the conveyor belt thingie for the cashier to ring up, he helped shlepped the bags upstairs and unpacked them. Rode on his bike to the other store to find ketchup. Success! Now he is pooped. I am allowing him to rest while I write this up, then its back out for paper and plastic goods. My back is already screaming – I can give in to it later.


I guess my message is this – remember, this holiday is about freedom, and how we are supposed to remember slavery and be thrilled that we live free now. Don’t enslave yourselves to the point that you lose the ta’am, the taste, for this wonderful holiday. I keep looking ahead to seeing those four gorgeous sons of mine sitting around the seder table with my new gorgeous husband – and it energizes me. It thrills me. It empowers me.


But I think I am writing my own personalized version of the four sons – I don’t like the ones in the Haggadah, the labels don’t fit. Watch this space.


Ok, deep breath, back to the Pesach Perambulations……


14 responses to “I’m already Pesach Pooped!!

  1. In our house, the kids eat matzo brei with either jam or sugar, so ketchup isn’t a real issue, although I have no idea what Dani is going to eat her scrambled eggs with — maybe she won’t have any during the week of Pesach!

  2. ok, Rif, the KoD told me he eats matzah brei with jam and i told him he was insane (or something similar) – you do it too???? the idea just grosses me out. (luckily for me, the KoD eats gebrokst too – that would have been a huge challenge for me if he didnt. )

  3. “Some of those shoppers have real attitude.”

    last week in mountain fruit (a local jewish supermarket on ave. m) two women got into a fist fight at the register and a bunch of police cars showed up.

  4. LoZ – tell me more, what were they fighting about? or over?

  5. lady lock and load

    We also eat matzah brei with jam or with pesach maple syrup. But ketchup sounds good to me as well. (matzah brei is a little bit of a patchke for me cause my hubby likes my mother’s recipe where you have to separate eggs and beat up the whites, much fluffier that way but pain in the neck to shlep out the mixer…) Anyways, I am glad you found ketchup in another store, seems to be a staple for KoD. I was almost going to buy you guys some ketchup from costco for a wedding gift (just for a joke!)

  6. lady lock and load

    LoZ- it is a major chillul Hashem when frum women have a go at each other in public. I saw two women have a fight at a gym, and one woman came away bleeding from scratches, I will never forget it I was so upset from it. I guess they were both frazzeled from pesach shopping!
    Here in Monsey the air is a very excited and happy one, everyone shmoozes while waiting on line and I have not seen any shoving at all. It is a lovely time of year, everyone is cleaning and getting ready and the shaimos trucks have sprouted everywhere! but of course we wish Next Year in Yerushalayim the holy city!!!

  7. lady lock and load

    The fight at the gym happened a long time ago and not pesach time. I was referring to the fight you saw at the store…

  8. that’s really great that your son helped out so much!

    and great message there.


    woman A accidentally bumped into woman B with a shopping cart. B started yelling at A to be more careful. A said, “it was an accident, but since you’re making such a big deal about it . . .” and then A rammed her cart into B on purpose. then the fists started flying and the cops were called.


    my son and i live on costco ketchup.
    exactly what do you lock and load?

    “Next Year in Yerushalayim”


  10. lady lock and load

    Actually, KoD helped come up with this nickname, it’s a long story….

  11. lady lock and load

    Lion of Zion, that is amazing that they fought over that. Sometimes my kids used to bump into me with the shopping cart, bottom connects with achilles tendon, YOUCH! Lady A should have apologized, she must have been having a bad day.

  12. “They were out of KETCHUP!! How can you have matzah brei with no ketchup????”
    Ketchup? No way! Just sprinkle some sugar on it and it’s de-lish!

  13. sigh, I married a man who doesn’t eat gebrochts…

  14. lady lock and load

    At least you have your man!

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