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Heinous or Harmless? #754


As you all know I have recently had the good fortune to marry the love of my life, the KoD. Between the two of us we have seven great children, aged 6 to almost 14. I guess people think that they can ask us anything, because they do. I cannot tell you how many people have asked me the following question:

“are you and the KoD planning to have more babies?”


I have to say I am totally offended by the question. It is absolutely nobody’s business. One friend said I am being totally hypersensitive – that it’s just natural curiosity. But I disagree. It’s a very private issue, no one’s business but ours and G-d’s.


So readers, is it a heinous or harmless question?

Heinous or Harmless?#753



I had this discussion on FaceBook and now I am moving it here. I like to surf OnlySimchas for news of the latest hatches and matches. It doesn’t specifically define itself as a site for religious Jews, but I would say from what I have seen it is mainly religious Jews who post their happy occasions there. So, this morning, I came across a recently engaged couple who put up photos like everyone else does. Except. Except for the fact that there is a picture of the couple locking lips. I have no problem with people doing whatever they want to do. I just found it inappropriate on this particular site. Most engagement photos on this site show the couple at least a foot apart. (Ours was a little closer, maybe half a foot, but still there was no contact).


I checked into the terms of service, as there is an option to report “abuse”, I just don’t think this counts as abuse per se, I just want this picture gone. Lots of frum young girls surf this site and it just isn’t for them to see this. (and you guys know by now I am not a prude, but there is a place for everything and this isn’t it)


The terms of service say that users of the site are forbidden to post “Any materials inconsistent with the values of the spirit of the OnlySimchas community.” – but I have as yet been able to find the definition of what the OS community defines itself as. They of course reserve the right to remove any picture that they deem offensive or inappropriate.  They also say “There are many instances where the attire and activity in a photo are viewed as offensive to some and innocuous to others. In those situations, OnlySimchas reserves the right to make a final ruling based on several factors”


What do you think? Heinous or Harmless?