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Ten – a meme – revisited



A while back I did this meme, and reading it today made me smile. How things change in a few months. SO I figured I would redo it for today now.


Ten years ago I was a pretty young thing, mid twenties, had just given birth to my third child, and life was a bed of roses. I had the optimism only young people have, and was so sure my life would continue to be perfection itself. I guess self deception doesn’t get you very far. (OK so this one didn’t change)


Ten months ago I was very close to being the mother of a barmitzvah boy, I was heavily into the shidduch / dating scene, and I was starting to enjoy being the me that I always had wanted to be.


Ten weeks ago I was a week away from my wedding to the KoD. I was counting down the hours until we would be united forever in front of family and friends. I was floating so high.


Ten days ago I was enjoying the Pesach holiday with my KoD and my princes, eating out at friends’, just having some amazing family time and bonding even more.


Ten hours ago I was fast asleep in the land of Nod.


Ten minutes ago I texted my husband to tell him I blogged. (so romantic lol)


Ten seconds ago I ripped my tichel off my head and allowed my hair to run free.


In ten seconds from now I will probably still be online.


In ten minutes from now I hope to have made my way into the kitchen to eat some breakfast / lunch and have some coffee.


In ten hours from now I will probably be on the phone with the KoD telling him the funny things the boys said or did since they got home.


In ten days from now I hope to have some answers to some questions.


In ten weeks from now the children will be have finished school and it will be summertime. Yay! Preparations for the next barmitzvah will be in full swing.


In ten months from now with G-ds help we will be living in Monsey, all happily settled and enjoying our new life.


In ten years from now I will be possibly menopausal (oy) (that still holds true, eeep!!), blissfully married to the most wonderful man in the universe, I could technically be a mother in law, or even a grandmother (ok, whoa nelly there). I hope to have earned a Bachelors in something or other. I will have had some of my writing published. I hope by then to have a CAREER!!!


So what are your ten?


How do YOU get through?

OK people, help a blue fellow life traveler out here please. What do you do when you need to comfort yourself? Are you a chocolate eater? Junk food junkie? Do you sit and watch chick flicks back to back until you have all the tears cried out? Or watch violent or horror movies to make your situation seem not so bad? Which movies? Or do you crank up the music and go on a cleaning blitz? Do you drink away your sorrows (responsibly of course)? Or do you just dive under the bedclothes only to surface when life demands it of you? What about retail therapy? Or are you one of those people who don’t let things get to you?


I have several different methods that work for me, depending on the trigger of the need for comfort. When I miss my dear darling husband, I put on the music of Sirius’s Love Songs, look through the wedding pix, watch the wedding video – cry because I am so happy I have him in my life, cry because I am sad he is not here, but it calms me because I know we have forever together – so what’s a week or two being separated until we see each other next. (OK yes I am a total soppy girl, so what??!!)


I don’t do the food thing – food does not comfort me. I don’t understand that – if I stuffed myself why would that make me feel better? A glass of wine with my girlies – that helps. Crazy cleaning has been known to temporarily assuage the angst.


But what works for me the most – squishes from the Princes. They seem to understand that I need to hug them as much as they need to hug me. Unconditional love and time help ease the pain of whatever is upsetting me. Even if I am angry at a certain situation – those hugs temper that ire.


Sometimes, I have the need to write – and the act of getting my feelings down on paper temporarily divorces me from the pain and anger and hurt I am feeling. Reading through my rant or essay or poem helps put things into perspective.


I guess we all have different coping mechanisms. What works for you?

Missing you now

I am not capable of stringing words together right now. KoD just left and I miss him so much.