Ten – a meme – revisited



A while back I did this meme, and reading it today made me smile. How things change in a few months. SO I figured I would redo it for today now.


Ten years ago I was a pretty young thing, mid twenties, had just given birth to my third child, and life was a bed of roses. I had the optimism only young people have, and was so sure my life would continue to be perfection itself. I guess self deception doesn’t get you very far. (OK so this one didn’t change)


Ten months ago I was very close to being the mother of a barmitzvah boy, I was heavily into the shidduch / dating scene, and I was starting to enjoy being the me that I always had wanted to be.


Ten weeks ago I was a week away from my wedding to the KoD. I was counting down the hours until we would be united forever in front of family and friends. I was floating so high.


Ten days ago I was enjoying the Pesach holiday with my KoD and my princes, eating out at friends’, just having some amazing family time and bonding even more.


Ten hours ago I was fast asleep in the land of Nod.


Ten minutes ago I texted my husband to tell him I blogged. (so romantic lol)


Ten seconds ago I ripped my tichel off my head and allowed my hair to run free.


In ten seconds from now I will probably still be online.


In ten minutes from now I hope to have made my way into the kitchen to eat some breakfast / lunch and have some coffee.


In ten hours from now I will probably be on the phone with the KoD telling him the funny things the boys said or did since they got home.


In ten days from now I hope to have some answers to some questions.


In ten weeks from now the children will be have finished school and it will be summertime. Yay! Preparations for the next barmitzvah will be in full swing.


In ten months from now with G-ds help we will be living in Monsey, all happily settled and enjoying our new life.


In ten years from now I will be possibly menopausal (oy) (that still holds true, eeep!!), blissfully married to the most wonderful man in the universe, I could technically be a mother in law, or even a grandmother (ok, whoa nelly there). I hope to have earned a Bachelors in something or other. I will have had some of my writing published. I hope by then to have a CAREER!!!


So what are your ten?



6 responses to “Ten – a meme – revisited

  1. Fun!! I’m going to do this on my blog.

  2. excellent – please come back and post the link when you are done? thanks.

  3. this is great…i love this idea.

  4. Phyllis – will you blog it?

  5. This is for Hadassah. I don’t have a blog so I will do it this way: Ten: Ten years ago, I was on bed rest, imploring G-d to keep my unborn baby in me just a little while longer, so her lungs could develop. Thank you G-d! Ten months ago I was making a deal with G-d to look after my twin. Ten weeks ago we were getting ready for Yaakov’s Bar Mitzva and I was thanking G-d for looking after my twin.Ten minutes ago I was massaging my “almost 10 year old’s” back, telling her to get up and get ready for school. Ten seconds ago I was typing. In ten seconds, I will still be typing. In ten minutes, I will be running around like a crazy person because I am sitting here typing instead of getting the kids ready for school.In ten weeks we will hopefully be finished with the renovations and sending our ten year old to sleep away camp for the first time. In ten months from now we will be planning our next Pesach vacation (hopefully, we won’t be dining on hot dogs this time) In ten years from now, I will G-d willing be as content and fufilled as I am now.

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