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Love thy Neighbour


You guys have to know this about me. I do not ask for help, unless it’s to ask someone else to clean the bathrooms and wash the dishes. But for other things, forget it. I am just too stubborn to admit when I need help, and worry that I might never be able to repay the favour. I am the kind of idiot that would walk for half an hour instead of calling up an acquaintance for a ride. Yeah, Stupidly Stubborn. Or as I like to call myself – Stubbid. I know it doesn’t serve me well, and I have been working on it. We all have people in our lives that ask for favours all the time and sometimes it grates on our nerves. I don’t want to be that person. But I don’t have to be such an extremist. I know. As I said, working on that.


So, you remember the whole car thing? I am stuck here in Montreal without a car, learning to cope with shopping close to home and taking taxis and buses. It isn’t so bad, but having been used to the convenience of a car, it takes tremendous adjustment.


My next door neighbour is a lovely older gentleman who lives alone, but has always been so friendly and helpful to me and the kids from the moment we moved in 2 years ago. He always offered to help me out with picking up kids from school if I was stuck, babysitting, etc. I never took him up on his offer, thrilled that he was sweet, but not wanting to take advantage if I didn’t really need to. He always teases the boys that I cannot possible be old enough to be their mother, that I must be their older sister. We always chat a little when we see each other.


I bumped into him today in the hall. We were talking and I told him about my car woes – he offered that if I needed to borrow a car anytime he had one or two to lend me. I jokingly asked him if he would allow me to borrow one to drive down to NY to see my honey this weekend, totally expecting him to laugh and say it was too much to ask. He said “SURE” – and was thrilled that I asked him. I kept saying “really?” and then insulted him by offering to pay him. The man is totally on the up and up, he wants to do this out of the goodness of his heart. No ulterior motives. (when he heard I was getting married he was so happy for all of us).


He popped over just now with the registration and a permission letter allowing me to drive it. He also told me that he wants me to feel free to drive it WHENEVER I WANT until we move. He hated the idea of me being car-less with 4 kids. He wished I had come to him sooner, so that he could have helped me out earlier.


I feel so blessed right now – there has been a lot of stress in my life recently (not with KoD – he is just the bestest) and finally the sun has started shining again upon us again. Mr CarMan doesn’t want to hear my thanks, he just needs to know that he is helping someone. When I can, I shall pay it forward.


I am humbled beyond belief. Hashem sent me an angel when I needed one. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected of places. Mr CarMan totally made my day, helped restore my faith in humankind.


Baruch Hashem!


Husband Gemach

hat tip to Gidon Ariel.

Ex-Hasmo Peeps

i know some of my readers are people that knew me back in the day, when i attended Hasmo girl’s school. there is an awesome blog out there written by an ex pupil of the Hasmo boy’s school. having had brothers in the school i have LOLed at the familiar stories and characters that he and his commenters have brought to life.

Hop on over there, and enjoy! He writes on other topics too – but the Hasmo stuff is by far the best!

Melchett Mike




Had to run a quick errand with Prince Lenny this morning, so I flew out of the house. We got on to the elevator and I realized I had tied my tichel (headscarf) without checking the mirror. So I say to my son “do I look ok, I didn’t check” – he says that I look fine. Other (male) occupant of the elevator decided to verbally agree with my son. Then Prince Lenny decides to add that I always look good, which the peanut gallery also decided to agree with. I was so embarrassed – blushed bright red up to my roots. I guess that will teach me to be vain. The prince was laughing so hard……