Had to run a quick errand with Prince Lenny this morning, so I flew out of the house. We got on to the elevator and I realized I had tied my tichel (headscarf) without checking the mirror. So I say to my son “do I look ok, I didn’t check” – he says that I look fine. Other (male) occupant of the elevator decided to verbally agree with my son. Then Prince Lenny decides to add that I always look good, which the peanut gallery also decided to agree with. I was so embarrassed – blushed bright red up to my roots. I guess that will teach me to be vain. The prince was laughing so hard……

6 responses to “Vanity

  1. Lol. That’s a very cute life quip. But really, I’m sure you looked marvelous 🙂

  2. uh no….i left the house without makeup…even without eyeliner – what was i thinking??!!

    (could i be more of a girl if i even tried??!!)

  3. lady lock and load

    I don’t think it was appropriate for the other male occupant in the elevater to voice an opinion on how you look, unless he was asked. If that happened to me I would given him a very nasty look and he would have regretted the day he laid eyes on me! Sorry….monday and it’s raining (crank, crank…)

  4. remind me Lady LnL never to get on that side of you!!

  5. lady lock and load

    LOL! You mean KoD didn’t warn you about the nasty woman on the block? That is why I must go to the gym or else I become Lady Mean and Nasty! Ugh, so much laundry and cleaning to do, and I am so not in the mood. that is what happens when I don’t do housework on sunday (went to bronx zoo instead).

  6. My hubbie took me and a bunch of nieces and nephews to the zoo Monday of Chol Hamoed. It was busy there! We have the year passes with a gest and up to 6 kids, best money ever spent!
    I was even able to give it to my parents so they could go without us.

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