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Picture Imperfect



I needed to get the kids passport pictures done. As of end of June 2009 they need passports to cross the border, until then birth certificates are fine. So I drag the little one and the 12 year old to our local photo counter at the pharmacy to do passport pics. The flash is broken on the camera, she doesn’t know when it is going to be fixed. So sad too bad. Hop back in car, drive to another branch of same chain, park.


We approach the photo counter, and this clerk is looking at us like we are aliens. Not a good sign. I ask about passport pix for the kids – she says she can only do them for the 12 year old. I asked why she couldn’t do it for the 6 year old. He is apparently too little and the proportions won’t come out right? WTF? I have never heard such baloney in all of my life. I had her do the 12 year olds pix because I am running out of time, but I will not be patronizing that store for my photographic needs any time soon if ever.


As soon soon as supper is burnt cooked I will be writing a strongly worded letter to Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix expressing my dissatisfaction with their service. After that I will take the younger two elsewhere to get their photos done.


Sign me,


Totally disgusted.


UPDATED 7.31pm


We went back to the Pharmaprix where I insisted on speaking with the manager who couldn’t give me a coherent reason why it was ok for them to take a photo of my 12 year old, but when I showed up again with my eleven year old, they wouldn’t do it. (they are half the price of any other place that does passport pix otherwise i would have gone somewhere else). The manager, Rosie (a very stroppy woman who had three other disagreements with customers while I was there), told me that “your photographs will get rejected because they are too shiny, thats why we don’t do kids” what claptrap! – they probably had three complaints. It’s not official policy because at my local Pharmaprix I know for a fact they take pix of babies for passports!


I eventually prevailed upon Rosie to do the pix – she did them so grudgingly, told me that if they get rejected i cannot come back to her for a refund, wrote FINAL SALE on my bill. If I hadn’t had to do 4 sets of pics at this time, I would have splurged to go elsewhere, but it all adds up.


I am working on a letter to head office – will let you all know if I get anywhere.



I sent an email to head office, and got back a response that it will take them two weeks at least for someone to get back to me. I included names of all the personnel involved. I want heads to roll, but they won’t. I asked them what their actual policy is on taking passport photographs of children.


Let’s see what happens.





(the French word for recycling.)


We have been nagging our super for a long time now to get a recycling program going in our building. There is just so much waste. Periodically the boys would mention something to him too.


Today two lovely young ladies knocked on my door, and volunteered to explain recycling to me, and told me that there is now a recycling initiative in the building. I was excited, I told them it was about time, that my kids would be thrilled etc. It was as if the sun shone through the clouds at that moment. These students (they didn’t look a day over 17) were feeling so downtrodden by the time they got to my door. I am on the ninth floor in a building of about 180 apartments where the majority of tenants are over the age of 65. Apparently most of the tenants had slammed doors in their faces. It was heartening to them to know that they at least had one family on board.


We were each provided with a recycle bag that we can use to transport the stuff to the recycle bins that are in the garages. I can practically guarantee that my kids are now going to fight over who gets to take the recycling down. But I love that they are into it, that it is important to them.