Daily Archives: April 22, 2009

What’s in a name?


I know I am being totally hypersensitive here, but ARGH! When I and the children’s other parent divorced way back I immediately took back my maiden name. I called the school, made sure they knew to call me Ms Sabo, not Mrs ExName. You would think that by now, having been through a divorce and a remarriage that they could update their files. I haven’t confused the school asking them to call me by my new married name – it’s just too confusing and PG we are leaving soon.


I just had one of those dreaded teacher phone calls – blah blah blah, yes ma’am I will talk to my son. When this teacher asked to speak to Mrs ExName I was so tempted to hang up. Of course I always point out to them that I am not called that any more, but it irks me that I have to.


When I got the last report cards – 3 were addressed to Mrs ExName, one to Ms Sabo – and the kids all go to the same school!!!! It makes no sense.


Plus, in Quebec, officially women are all known by maiden names from the day we are born till the day we die. Easier to keep track of that way. I am not the only divorced parent in the school. I am not the only one who has a different last name than her kids. Why can they not be PC and update their files like I have asked them to a million times.


(and yes, I am more upset about what name she called me that what my kid did, which was so not worth a phone call, but whatevs….)


Grump grump grump……….