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Happy 61st Birthday Israel!!!!

Step-parent Etiquette



I was twice asked today how many children I have. The first time I was asked “how many kids do you have” Of course I answered that I am blessed beyond belief to have four amazing wonderful sons. The second time I was asked “how many kids do you and your husband have”? I have four, he has three – if you are good at math you will know that that is seven in total. But this person isn’t someone that I know, who doesn’t know there are step parents and step children involved, that it is a second marriage – what would have been the politically correct answer to give? I didn’t want to say “I have seven kids” – or even “we” have seven kids – no matter how much I love the KoDs kids, they are not biologically mine so I cannot claim them as such. But to go into detail in this situation (nail salon) was not something I wanted to do.


How would you have answered?

Mother’s Day



This year Mother’s Day falls on May 10. Will you be celebrating (with) your mom? Will your kids be celebrating (with) their mom? What do you do for this special day?


Growing up in England, Mothering Sunday fell in March and the religious people we associated with didn’t really mark it at all. Here in North America many of the religious around me also don’t celebrate it, but its not a religious holiday, so why the heck not?! Any excuse for a party!


Here, in this house, I would love it if it were celebrated more – but the truth is that the kids show me their love and affection every day, and they often tell me how much they appreciate all that I do for them. (they mean it too). They don’t technically need ONE day in the year to say thanks Mom.


However, flowers are nice, cards are nice, especially when all the other moms are getting stuff. I know husbands that are married to the mothers of their kids sometimes go all out – “thank you for birthing and raising my kids, here is breakfast in bed, take it easy, I will do the laundry”. I wish this kind of thing would last for those mothers – one day a year is great, but it needs to happen more often. We have a different dynamic here, so that wouldn’t happen anyway. the kids and KoD spoil me in other ways, so no complaints here!


I think its lovely to have a day to fete our mothers and later in June our fathers. There should also be Brother’s Day and Sister’s Day too.


So what are your plans?

DAY ONE – no coffee



It has been 25 hours and 20 minutes since I last imbibed, since I last had a caffeine hit. I am doing ok. I had tea this morning. My stomach didn’t like that either, but I think it was still thinking I was drinking coffee. My hands are shaking badly – guess it is a good job I am not a surgeon. No headache yet which is surprising but I am popping Advil prophylactically.


I looked at my coffee maker this morning and I felt it reach towards me. I slapped it back. It took so much willpower but I did it. I thought about brewing coffee just so that I could smell it…..but I don’t think my willpower could have survived that!


I can do this……I can!