DAY ONE – no coffee



It has been 25 hours and 20 minutes since I last imbibed, since I last had a caffeine hit. I am doing ok. I had tea this morning. My stomach didn’t like that either, but I think it was still thinking I was drinking coffee. My hands are shaking badly – guess it is a good job I am not a surgeon. No headache yet which is surprising but I am popping Advil prophylactically.


I looked at my coffee maker this morning and I felt it reach towards me. I slapped it back. It took so much willpower but I did it. I thought about brewing coffee just so that I could smell it…..but I don’t think my willpower could have survived that!


I can do this……I can!


4 responses to “DAY ONE – no coffee

  1. David ben Tzvi Hirsh

    Jolt Cola…

  2. i quit drinking coffee around the time I graduated college- and not being addicted to caffeine anymore is pretty awesome. Especially since now whenever I DO drink anything with caffeine, I can really really feel the effects- so it’s perfect for long drives and such. 🙂

  3. Funny that we both began counting yesterday. Best wishes for continued success. To quote your brother, “we make our own luck,” so I’m not going to wish you good luck. You are quite capable of making it. We’re rooting for you!

  4. thanks for the support guys – still haven’t caved and am not too cranky. (ask the kids later, they may differ in opinion LOL)

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