No Coffee – Day three

To my Darling Children


I am so proud of you all for waking up early. For being ready for school way ahead of schedule today. For having breakfast and showers before I even surfaced from my room at 6 am. For doing all of that quietly at the crack of dawn and not waking your sleeping beauty of a mother. (hey, they showered without me nagging – where the heck am I? A parallel universe??) I love you all so much. But, sweet sweet darlings of mine, knowing that I no longer drink coffee and that I need a moment or seventeen to “come to” in the mornings – why oh why did I have to wake up to the theme song from Hogan’s Heroes on the TV? How can you turn that stuff on at 6 am? Can we not be in denial that it’s morning until at least 7? Why were you all up so early? Was this a conspiracy?



She Who Must Be Obeyed (and Caffeinated)


8 responses to “No Coffee – Day three

  1. Is it really wrong of me to be chuckling over that? I can sooo picture that happening!

    There’s a lot worse music to wake up to, at least Hogan’s Heroes is cheerful!

  2. better than waking up to them fighting, I guess!

  3. lady lock and load

    that is great that they are early risers (and get out of bed by themselves?) I used to have to set off a nuclear bomb to get my oldest out of bed.
    I have ear plugs if ya want, so you don’t have to hear KLINK!

  4. With earplugs, Hadassah would NEVER get out of bed!
    Count your blessings dear, it could’ve been far worse… remember the “Barney” years?!

  5. Z! not true! i would eventually have to pee!


  6. lady lock and load

    Really, what happened to barney, he got swine flu? does this mean I have to throw out my old barney videos?

  7. Someday, maybe those Barney vids will be a collector’s item…

    And Barney died of the Bird Flu…

  8. lady lock and load

    Z! you are too funny!

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