I have been using this service for a while and am totally hooked. Why do I use it? It helps publicize my blog and it also helps me connect with likeminded people around the globe. Many people use it just for social networking alone, some to advertise their businesses and some use it just to spam you repeatedly.


I found this awesome article  by @HilzFuld that explains the why’s to use Twitter. Those of you not yet tweeting – hop on over and read it. It might get you into the TwitterVerse.


Those of you who tweet already – what made you join? Are you finding it as useful as you thought it would be? Tell what’s been the biggest benefit to you.


2 responses to “Twitter

  1. i started out to find out what a friend was doing. (i just finally figured out my tweetaversary is 2/08) i find it fun and worthwhile, trying out new ideas and sharing thoughts with the world – also learnign about world events and promoting blog posts, stories, etc….making connections with the world!

  2. One of the reasons I like Twitter is there is always somebody on Twitter tweeting something of interest. I’ve connected with other Jews (how I first got involved), tech and design geeks, and local New Jerseyans.

    Nice thing about the spam: you can easily get back at ’em by just clicking “Unfollow.”

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