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Hi, My Name is Hadassah…..

….and it has been over a week since my last coffee. I must confess that when he wasn’t looking, I took a sip of the KoD’s coffee (and one when he was looking). Sorry Dude. I have sniffed countless cups of other people’s coffees (The Queen of Stars can bear witness) but have not succumbed to a whole cup of the caffeinated stuff. On Friday, driving down to Baltimore, we stopped at a kosher Dunkin Donuts and I decided to try a decaf latte. Even that hurt my poor little tummy. But it tasted good and I felt like I was cheating but I know I wasn’t.


I have also cut out caffeinated carbonated drinks, in fact all carbonated drinks. It seems that in my old age my stomach just cannot handle any of these yummy beverages. I wonder what else is in store for me as I age. Sigh. I am only 36….I am too young to be getting old!


KoD said that there was a coffee product on the market in the States that was supposed to be gentler on the stomach – does anyone have any idea what this is or where it is available? This is something I might try….but we can’t seem to find it anywhere.


I am going to keep away from caffeine for now – so stop tempting me, people. Everyone around me needs to give up caffeine too. K? KoD – you willing to do this, for me? Hmm, maybe I should make a royal edict…..


A Tale of Two Cities



Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I am living a schizophrenic type of lifestyle. My life is here in Montreal with the kids, where I have been for sixteen years. My future is in Monsey with my husband the KoD. I visit there often – with and without the kids, mainly without as we don’t want to interrupt their schedule too much.


I am slowly learning my way around my new neighbourhood in Monsey. I have made some great awesome life-long friends, reconnected with an old friend who just happens to live right round the corner. (We went to Bnei Akiva together. He went to school with my brother). I have connected with many people in the neighbourhood (ok I will learn how to spell in the American way once I move, k?) that I just know will become friends.


I am learning my way to the grocery store, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts and the schools too. I am slowly getting the feel of the place.


I feel so at home there. I guess I should look at it as how fortunate I am that I have two homes, but the truth of the matter is that neither place is completely home without all of my 5 main males.


The I-87 has been well travelled in the past few months by myself and the KoD. There are so many markers on the way – just passed the flag in the middle of the road, just passed the boat on the side of the road – little things that show us how close we are getting to each other.


It does get confusing though – I know I bought more milk – only to realize I bought it for the other place. I just cleaned too – but that was there not here….


I wake up sometimes not sure of where I am…..but the likelihood is that I am still in Montreal because that is where I am to stay until we are granted our visas. I will visit the KoD as much as I can – he will come up here too. It’s not going to be perfect, but that is our current reality. We hope and pray that the visas come through soon so I can be full time in ONE place, Monsey, with the kids and my KoD, under one roof, living happily ever after.

The Original Heinous or Harmless


(I am reposting this due to popular demand – it was an issue back in the summer when I posted it, and this kind of behaviour remains an issue for some people even now, I am sure. Perhaps someone somewhere can learn something….how to behave or what behaviour is unacceptable)

Here is a situation that can be looked at from different angles. I would like to know your perspective. You have been communicating with someone by phone, email, text and webcam for a month without meeting. This special person lives far from you, but you are going to be in that neck of the woods for business and you arrange to go out. You are going there anyway. Not going there just for him / her.

You have also arranged to meet up with an old friend while you are in town, who just happens to be of the opposite sex from you, but it’s a platonic friendship, and you trust the person very much.

You tell person you are dating that you are seeing a friend for dinner and a show, they should respect that, right? If they are secure enough in their relationship with you, they should trust you, right?

Is it wrong of the person you are dating to call you while you are at dinner with the friend? To text you through the evening to make sure you are ok? To throw a fit when you haven’t yet called to say you are home and its midnight already? Is this a sign of controlling behaviour? Or is just a sign that the person is smitten with you, and you should indulge him/her his/her little foibles? (let’s say by this point there have been two dates with out of town person)

I am very curious as to what you think!

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