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MOTHERS are people too!



I went to pick up PrinceChatterBox from school. I love picking him up. He is still at the age where he is excited to see his mother, and not embarrassed that I hug him. One of his little friends came out first and just had to tell me “I wasn’t well behaved in class but your son was” 😉


He ran out all excited with a note in his hand to show me. It’s for his Siyyum on Sunday. (a siyyum celebrates the completion of a certain section of texts). The boys have all finished learning Sefer Bereishit (the first book of the Bible, Genesis). Being 7 years old this is a huge deal. I have been learning with him every night, asking him vocabulary questions, practicing reading etc. I was so thrilled that the Siyyum is on Sunday. I told him how awesome it will be and how proud I am.


I then looked at the invitation. “Fathers and grandfathers are invited to attend.” You know what that means – mothers and grandmothers are most Unwelcome. Now, you have to understand, this doesn’t surprise me, I am used to the misogynistic tendencies of the Yeshivish world, but for some reason I hadn’t allowed myself to consider the possibility of me being excluded, after all I am the only full time parent here. This time those seven words just cut me to the quick. Why can I not shepp nachas from my son and his class? Why can I not be there to share in their moment of pride? There is absolutely no allowance made for special circumstances.


My son doesn’t seem to care either way – he will show the invitation to his father and I am sure he will do his best to attend. So long as he has one parent there he will be happy. My baby is growing up, this is a rite of passage in a way, and I don’t get to be there.


I know I am irrationally angry, but sometimes living in this community with these ideas and ideals really bites.


I can’t



I cannot go without coffee any more. I crave it. I don’t care about the stomach aches any more. I have no energy without it. My get up and go has got up and went. Far far far far away. I need it NOW.


I did well for a while. Over a week. I am going to look for the low acid coffee as was suggested yesterday. But I will be making myself coffee to drink with lunch. I can stop anytime I want to.


Don’t try talking me out of it…..my mind is made up.


Alright folks, it’s time this couch potato got off her keister and moved her body around in such a way as to benefit it. Yes, I am talking exercise. I used to run, I was pretty good at sports day in school from what I can remember way back in the mists of time. Gym membership would be a great idea, but lack of funds kind of preclude that from happening.

So, I have a friend with whom I can go jogging in the mornings and I am thinking about committing to it. It means getting up earlier than usual, leaving the comfort of my warm and toasty bed, but it would really benefit me. I just need you guys to keep me motivated because I know I will try to beg off more often than not…..

Will you help me? How do you get yourselves out of bed in the morning to exercise? What works for you?

Wednesday’s Wacky Signs

Introducing a new occasional feature “Wednesday’s Wacky Signs”

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Charity begins at home?


We all know it is a lousy economy and there are no jobs available. I have been out of work since February. Prince ChatterBox heard me on the phone moaning to a friend about how broke I am. He came up to me last night and said “Ima, shall I collect tzedaka [charity] on your behalf so you don’t be broke anymore?” I pulled him close and hugged and kissed him and told him that if he wanted to collect money for someone there are plenty of people out there who need his help much more than I do. He is just too cute for words.