Alright folks, it’s time this couch potato got off her keister and moved her body around in such a way as to benefit it. Yes, I am talking exercise. I used to run, I was pretty good at sports day in school from what I can remember way back in the mists of time. Gym membership would be a great idea, but lack of funds kind of preclude that from happening.

So, I have a friend with whom I can go jogging in the mornings and I am thinking about committing to it. It means getting up earlier than usual, leaving the comfort of my warm and toasty bed, but it would really benefit me. I just need you guys to keep me motivated because I know I will try to beg off more often than not…..

Will you help me? How do you get yourselves out of bed in the morning to exercise? What works for you?


10 responses to “Motivation

  1. to have a buddy who will do it with you 😉
    thats about the only thing that gets me going… ifs its all about me… bed wins, every time!

  2. check my Betty Boop and the video that motivates me… when I need to get going…

  3. hadassahsabo

    love it!!!

  4. Love the six-pack that Betty has going, lol. I’m in the same boat as you — I have a long-distance friend who will “run” with me, but she doesn’t report back and I find that it’s easier to just not to go…but I so want to want it, you know? Looking forward to others responses! (And if you know of anyone in my area who would want to go with me…)

  5. KA, what area are you in?
    Be careful what you ask for 🙂

  6. i just started going at 6am with my mother and i have to agree with Emet that having someone else waiting for you in the morning cold is all it takes to get you out of bed. it took about a week for my body to get used to the new schedule but i must say i’m pretty proud of myself. i also suddenly found myself with some extra morning energy that my housework is really putting to good use!:)

  7. I recently joined – it’s a fitness and nutrition website, and it’s very motivational. I find what motivates me is my commitment to do an exercise streak – 1/2 hour every day – and I don’t want to mess it up, I want it to last for as long as possible, so that gets me off my tush 🙂

  8. I get up at 5:40 AM to go to the gym. It makes me feel so much better all throughout the day. Also, if I don’t exercise I can barely eat because I gain weight so easily.

  9. I know how to motivarte you!

    – Just think of how much MORE jealous people will be of the KoD when they know he not only has a young,animated, beautiful wife, but a SCULPTED one, too!

  10. Walk, don’t jog. Try to walk with a friend and have a negative calorie chat.

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