Oops I did it again!

Well not oops, really. Did the jogging thing again this morning. My muscles ache, I have a strained something or other in my upper inner leg area – it hurts…. Must put ice….Probably just muscles that haven’t been awoken in a very long time.

I am proud of myself for getting up early and doing this. Doing it with a buddy makes me accountable. We both dreamt that we stood the other one up. Imagine that!  This is a pic of us at the end of a half hour walk / jog.jogging2


I got home all hot and bothered and tired from my jog and Prince Squiggy was already up, he voluntarily unlaced my sneakers and brought me OJ with a side of Advil. What a lamb!

One response to “Oops I did it again!

  1. Sounds like you have a great support team. Now, I can hear you screaming- a la Rocky- K oh D!! K oh D! (Adreanne!)

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