New Beginnings

by Lady Moore-Sabb

A seed is planted in the earth 
The nurturing begins. 
Nourishment has seeped inside 
A process from within.

A rupturing has taken place 
and stems begin to form. 
The extension from the seed proceeds 
to stretch out nice and long.

Subtly it makes it’s way 
along the chosen path. 
Pressing by each obstacle 
with all the strength it has.

Till finally it’s drawn above 
To reach the source of light.
To stretch beyond the prison cell 
that first secured it’s life.

The sudden change in atmosphere 
has brought a major jolt, 
a temporary settling phase 
for access where to grow.

The sun now beams in one on one 
to lead the scrawny sprout. 
while on the stem in pattern form 
the leaves can now stick out.

Then the leaves begin to spread 
and dress the modest star. 
It’s easy now for us to know 
what type of plant you are.

Your blueprint has been plotted out. 
You path is recognized. 
The buds you bare will finally grow 
to be a useful size.

Your beauty has been scripted 
from bulbs of long ago. 
Before me stands a tulip 
not just another rose.

How lovely are the leaves you bare, 
the color of your scheme, 
the shape with which you’ve formed yourself 
My vision in a dream.

You represent a world of change 
a need that’s now been met. 
The need to know I’m on my way 
Just haven’t got there yet.

What do YOU think?

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