Off the wagon


I succumbed about 10 minutes ago to a glorious piping hot cup of coffee. Two weeks without it was HELL. I have decided that I am to allow myself one cup of coffee per day in the morning to help me wake up totally ungrumpified. Now I know I can quit cold turkey if I want to.


I am not disappointed in myself – I made a choice. I thought it through from all angles. I think so long as I stick to my one cup a day all will be fine.

7 responses to “Off the wagon

  1. Ah c’mon you need at least two 🙂
    but only on the days ending in Y

  2. you so funny, Ron….

  3. ladylockandload

    One to two cups of coffee is fine, according to a nutritionist friend I asked. The problem I had was I was having more, and more, and MORE…wanted to have that little boost to keep me going. One cup of coffee is fine. Don’t they say it’s good for you, keeps certain illnesses away?

  4. darling lady LnL – i dont give a hoot at this moment in time if it’s good for me or not…lol

  5. Enjoy it! I’ve been considering cutting back as well. (But I haven’t yet!)

  6. KA – cutting back is always good. i am a woman of extremes which is why i stopped cold turkey. Not to be recommended.

  7. I saw on TV that one cup of coffee with sugar and cream takes 2 hours of walking to walk off.
    I also read that coffee cuts down on the risk of cancer.
    But, i know the reason you stopped was due to acid, so there must be a low acid coffee- like others offered- if you must imbibe!

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