Solutions for this Mom!

A while back I asked you what worked for you in cleaning your house. I finally figured out a system that works for me. I work on the cleaning in 15 minute increments and then reward myself with 15 minutes of online time, TV time or reading time or just veg out time. I find if I break it up into segments it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. When you have a whole house to clean one thinks it will take forever. But it is surprising how quickly you can get it done when motivated.


Another thing that works is ….. panic! Erev Shabbat (Friday) comes every week and I like the house to be spotless for the Sabbath Queen. This past week my two oldest boys were home from school by 12.30 and although they were desperate to Wii or watch TV or do something else mindless to tune school out, for two solid hours they dusted and swept and mopped and helped with the laundry etc. And they did it without complaint. Of course it had to be a competition about who did more and who did it better, but they were involved and their help allowed me to finish the cooking and baking and to welcome the Sabbath Queen with a smile instead of an exhausted grimace.


I also have found that now that I am rising early to go jogging it is not as difficult to get motivated in the mornings. Add to that the fact that I am back on coffee – its win-win for everyone.

What do YOU think?

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