Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

What a difference a day makes….

For the two weeks that I was off coffee I had no energy. I dragged myself around and felt that my get up and go had got up and went.


Yesterday I had a cup of coffee and I had energy to clean house, I got all the laundry done after a cup of coffee today, met up with friends for lunch, and still had energy left to clean and cook when I got home. Not quite Lynette on Ritalin, but close 😉 Last week this would have been very tough.


Maybe caffeine is a wonder-drug, but it isn’t speed or amphetamines, and it seems a harmless way to get stuff accomplished in my day. I don’t regret falling off the decaffeinated wagon!


We had a tweet-up today which was so fun. EmetElisheva  and KosherAcademic  and I all met up at the Cavendish Mall for an hour, over poutine.  I had never physically met KosherAcademic before, neither had EmetElisheva. We all three are bloggers and we tweet too – I connected with KA over FaceBook through KvetchingEditor, and EE and I have been friends for years, EE and KA connected through Twitter. It’s a small world, this blogosphere of ours.


Girlies – I had a lot of fun – I look forward to meeting up again soon.


Boys will be boys!


I am quadruply blessed with sons. I am wondering if it is just my children or other male children (perhaps female children too?) that have a total inability to notice mess.


Case in point – their rooms needed *some* tidying up – the boys worked on their rooms for 15-20 minutes and said they were ready. Yes, the rooms looked slightly better than before, but still a lot of work needed to be done.


How hard is it to put clean clothes away? In the proper place? And to put dirty clothes in the laundry? And to have no clothes anywhere on the floor, dresser or windowsill?


I understand that when you are playing Lego you don’t want to clean up what you have built, but does there need to be 16,342 pieces all over the floor? Can’t you just take out of the box what you need and put the other pieces back? How many toy cars can you play with at once?


Answer me this too – they know I am going to check that they did what they were supposed to do. So why do they hide stuff under the beds? In the closets? Isn’t it just simpler to put things away as soon as they have no more need for them? In the correct place? That way when they need that belt or that pair of trousers or that book – it will be in the right place and we don’t have to throw a huge fit that “somebody keeps taking my stuff”.


Sigh. I refuse to go into their rooms and clean and organize without them being there, because I would just throw everything out, and then I would be hated forever, but the rooms would be clean and tidy and I would have less stress.


How do you get your tweens and teens to keep their space clean and tidy and organized?

Proud of myself

I was up before the alarm. Actually sneezed in my sleep and it woke me. My throat was on fire and my nose running. No fever, so really no excuse to stay in bed and cancel my jog. But it was so toasty warm in bed and very cold outside it.


Nope, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed for my run – wrapped a scarf tightly around my neck, put on legwarmers (yes I still own some) and a warm hat, shoved a Halls in my mouth and off I trotted.


I really didn’t think I would be this committed – but in my head my reward for jogging is my sole cup of coffee in the day. No jog – no coffee. It balances out…


On our way back we came across the neighbourhood skunk – euw what a disgusting creature. But apparently it is always out foraging at 6 am. We just stayed well away.


Came home, set up the coffee, started waking up the kidlets, processing them through the shower (best to do it while they are still sleepy – they can’t complain too much) and still my coffee wasn’t ready. Ah, forgot to plug it in. Maybe a sign from above not to imbibe? Nah. I plugged that baby in! Ah the sweet nectar of coffee. Mmm mmm good!


Now I am caffeinated, Advil cold and sinus-ed,  and ready to take on the day….woohoo….laundry here I come!!