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To My Soul Sister

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” 


 I have been thinking about our conversation all day and I wanted to thank you. I know we both have crazy busy lives and don’t connect as often as we should. It doesn’t really help that I am kinda living in two places right now. I am so glad we managed to connect this morning.

We both caught up on each others oys and joys – and shared insights and thoughts. You have told me often that I inspire you to be a better person and a better mom – that’s only because I am more worn into parenthood than you are. It’s not wisdom, its having been there done that, got the scars and grey hairs to prove it.

We touched on some important topics today, and you sought my advice. In hearing myself talk and give you chizuk (strengthening and encouraging words with some spirituality on the side) – I listened to myself and took the same advice. I would not have looked at my situations in the same way had we not spoken today. I would not have been able to put the perspective on things that I now have had you not asked my opinion / advice.


So I wanted to thank you for getting me to the current headspace that I am in. Whatever we are dealing with (big and small) will pass. We have our health, our families, we are looked after by the Almighty (even though sometimes we cannot see it) – everything else is extra. How fortunate are we that we have each other, too? My life would be incomplete if we never would have met.


Sweet Sister of my Soul – thank you for the gift of your friendship, your love and your help in making me a better person. I love you.


Do YOU know the difference?

tichel 004

Here’s the situation. I am running around doing errands, and I pull up to the gas station – one with full service because I am a girlie girl and only pump my own gas when I have to. I asked the gas jockey to put the gas in and he tells me that my headscarf arrangement (pictured on left) looks really pretty. I say thank you, he smiled, gave that wink and the tongue click thing and pumped the gas.


Now, I tweeted that he was flirting with me, but maybe he was just being friendly. I think that personally I have a hard time making the distinction between just being friendly and flirting. I am friendly to almost everyone, and treat men and women the same in conversations. Yes, I flirt with my husband – but that’s different. But would some men take my friendliness and interest in their conversation as flirting?


How do you know where the line is drawn? What constitutes friendliness and what constitutes flirting; furthermore what constitutes “you better shut your mouth before my Luigi comes to break your kneecaps?”

Wednesday’s Wacky Signs


Open Letter to Mr HotRod


Its obvious, young man, that you are enamoured with your fancy teeny car. But tell me something, junior, why do you have to rev its’ engines at 11 o’clock at night under my window?


I would be understanding if you just drove over to pick up your girl but you keep circling the block as if you are training for the Grand Prix. (your timing bites, might want to practice on a real track).


For an hour last night we were all treated to your very loud show of your supposed virility – let me tell you something, squirt, nothing says “he’s the man” like a minivan full of your kids. That’s being virile, not revving your engines in a car that makes you look like you are trying way too hard. What lack are you trying to compensate for?


Oh am I being grumpy? Darn tooting. You prevented me from sleeping and without my sleep I am like a bear with a sore head. If you show up again tonight with your noise polluting vehicle I will come down and shove my rolling pin up your tailpipe.


You’ve been warned,


The crabby witch on the 9th floor.