Celebrate Good Times!

To My KoD!

Tomorrow at 1 pm we will have been married for exactly 3 months – 89 days – 2136 hours – 128, 160 minutes – 7 689 600 seconds. I have had some wonderful, happy days in my life, most notably the days that all four of my sons were born. The day that you made me your wife there was a feeling of rightness to it, such pure joy, such contentment, such absolute bliss [plus I didn’t have to go through hours of painful labour (ok maybe the wedding planning….)]


I will never forget waiting in the Bride’s room to be told that you wereNJP_3531 - Copy awaiting me under our Chuppah. I just wanted to run straight to you and stay in the circle of your embrace forever. I hugged my sons who were so very happy for us both – and I walked those few feet to the Chuppah alone, alone for the very last time. You walked out to meet me, in front of family and friends, and the world faded around us. It was just you and me. Together, finally. Our wedding was perfect, just as I dreamed it would be – perfect because I married you, the man of my dreams.


P2150051 - CopyYou continue to show me the depth of your love for me, your strength of character, your faith in the face of adversity, your never-ending supply of patience. Being apart from each other is a huge test – harder than either of us thought it would be. But you keep me focused on the end goal – living together under the same roof in the same city; you help me deal with the sadness by reminding me how we need to make the most of any time we have together and not waste it with wishing things were different. You have such a calming effect on me, my KoD. You are so wise and rational – I don’t know if you noticed but I tend to be a little more on the emotional side….. 😉 . i love how much fun we can have, and how we can discuss everything under the sun. I love how you weigh my opinions and are not afraid to disagree.


I look forward to every day with you, being in your life. I love our epic long conversations. I love even just being quiet with you – there is such a peaceful feeling just being in the same place as you. (Yes folks, I can be quiet). It’s like the world is finally on the right axis. I love waking up on some Fridays knowing I am going to see you for Shabbat and counting the hours. I love that my heart starts to knock real hard on my chest walls when I drive up our street in Monsey, or when you drive up our street in Montreal. I love that every time I see you I fall in love with you all over again, even more deeply every single time. I look in your eyes and I am overwhelmed by the love that I see there.


Last Rosh Hashannah / Yom Kippur I davened so hard for Hashem to help me find my missing half if He deemed it to be the right thing for me. I had no clue how fast He would work on my behalf. I am in awe that He listened to my prayer.


I was reminiscing with a friend this week about the first time you and I met, in Lake George. This friend babysat for my boys. She was there when I got home all starry eyed and deeply in love. What I felt for you then pales in comparison to what I feel for you now.


My KoD, you are my rock, my knight in shining armour, my best friend. I look forward to loving you more every day for the rest of our lives.


With deepest love

Your QoH.


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5 responses to “Celebrate Good Times!

  1. ladylockandload

    Beautiful, just so sweet.

  2. Beautiful, Hadassah. Not everyone can be so public about their feelings. How does KoD feel about such personal thoughts being put “out there”?

    May you share many happy and healthy years TOGETHER …in one country, in one state, in one city, in one home…as one BIG happy family.

    Have a wonderful Shabbos.

  3. Has it been so long??!? Has it gone by so quickly for you, too!?!?
    When I was speaking to a friend about how amazed I am that nearly 2 years has passed by so quickly, she said, “When you are happy, it can go by really quickly, but for those who are unhappy, every minute can feel like eternity.”

    Where does the time go?

    What I am always reminded of, when thinking of your marriage, in this stage of it, is to always be mindful and apprecriate the time we get to have with our spouses.

    We do not always know how long we have here.

    There is no doubt that you get to embody this practice on a daily basis, when you do not yet get to take for granted your KoD being there, constantly.

    I hope this comes across clearly. It’s passed 2AM. I am very tired.

  4. thanks everyone
    KoD – how DO you feel about my being so open about my feelings in such a public forum?

  5. ladylockandload

    I bet he loves it! He knows he is one lucky dude..

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