Kosher Kraziness

How is this even fair? I went grocery shopping today and even though I am not watching my weight I noticed the WeightWatcher bread. The one with kosher certification was 5.99 – the loaf without the certification was 3.29. Tell me, does it really cost that much to certify a loaf of bread as kosher?!! Keeping kosher has to be one of the most expensive mitzvoth – and it’s not something I regret doing, G-d Forbid, it’s just that sometimes it is so frustrating!


And why is it that Chalav Yisrael products invariably go off before their sell-by-date? I opened a container of cottage cheese last week, with a sell by date of June 13 2009. I went to the container for more today – spots of lime green mould. Icky icky icky.  I have been told that it’s the same with the milk too, but milk doesn’t last long in this house anyway, with 4 thirsty boys. What’s your experience?


Kosher eating is a way of life for me, always has been, always will, even with the terrible price gouging. People ask sometimes “isn’t it hard?” I like to answer the following way – if you had a food allergy and had to stick to a special diet, yes it would be hard, but in order to stay healthy you have to limit your diet. Keeping Kosher helps me stay spiritually healthy – that’s why it’s the diet for me.


4 responses to “Kosher Kraziness

  1. if you are talking about the weight watcher bread… you are paying, not because of the hechser but because it is weight watcher)

    Now… cholov israel… is a whole other issue. and by the way, I give the exact same example to people. Would you have a food allergy, you wouldn’t hesitate for a moment. That is a soul allergy. I ain’t going there.

  2. BOTH loaves were weight watchers – the more expensive one had a hechsher, but they were identical in all other respects!

  3. ladylockandload

    Next time when you go to the store you can ask the manager for an explanation.

  4. It’s gonna cost more cuz they have to pay the Mashgiach to be at the plant.

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