Exercise Update

Well, I am really getting into this workout thing. I am enjoying it. I am trying to walk places instead of driving. Yesterday I took 25,000 steps! (so much for Trep’s 10K challenge lol). I have also made a commitment to eat better and to eat regularly. I am a skinny little thing and really not so into food, but with all this burning calories I have to feed the fire.


There are some awesome websites out there that help you keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise and how many calories you consume and burn. The one I have started to use is LiveStrong.Com . If you click on “The Daily Plate” that’s where you can monitor everything. If you have a weight goal it helps you keep track of your progress. It’s really very cool.


I just need a web application that gives me a kick in the patootie at 5 am – it’s very hard getting up when everyone else is sleeping, but I am motivated.


I even made the kids walk more yesterday. We had an appointment and we usually drive there. We walked, they complained bitterly, it took 15 minutes, and then they said it really wasn’t so bad after all. Once they get used to the idea they won’t even notice how much they walk. Kids these days are way too sedentary.


Within the next couple of weeks I am going to start stomach crunches – I don’t want a six pack, I think that looks ugly on women, but after 4 babies my stomach can use some toning. But I am not sure I can do crunches – any tips for the best way to do it without straining one’s back?


I am really feeling good about myself these days, I am more patient with the boys, I have more energy, and I am finally sleeping better. I want to stay with these positive feelings forever, so I will stick to my new routine.


One response to “Exercise Update

  1. first of all, yes you can do crunches 🙂

    crunches are there to prevent you hurting your back (and neck) compared to the usual sit-ups in the first place.
    dont over extent but focus on squeezing your abs while going up.

    here is pretty much what I do with pilates:

    (Which I should be doing now) 🙂

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