Daily Archives: May 28, 2009

Where can I get one? That’s cool.


It is my little one’s birthday today. He asked for star wars stuff. His oldest two brothers (with help from his mother) bought him some Star Wars Lego sets and Prince HockeyFan bought him a light saber.

 momo's 7th birthday 004

I posted the same photo on my FaceBook page, and in a private birthday album sent to friends and family – and no less than five grown males emailed me / contacted me that they would love to have a light saber too, where can they get one.


Do boys ever grow up? Or do you stay children forever?


Thing is, as things go, getting a light saber for a grown up isn’t such a terrible tragedy. Its when men drive their own cars that they worked hard to pay for and you hear them making the vroom vroom sound as they drive, I think then you have to be concerned.


Sigh….boys and their toys.