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Big Bellies

So I am sitting in the car with the little 7 year old prince and he says that his friends mommy is having a baby next month. “So Ima, I guess that means she’s pregnant already” – “yes dear, it takes 9 months for a baby to grow”. I asked him how come he didn’t notice that she had a baby in her tummy when he was over there the other day. “Oh I just thought she was fat, you know, like some other womans are. You know Ima, some womans just are not as thin as you. they have tummies and they are not all pregnant”.


This tickled me

In the search terms of how people found my blog I found someone had googled

“what could hadassah be doing?”

– I am cracking up!! is my life so exciting that it gets googled like that??!!

Oh my eyes!!

Ok, people, I am well aware that it is summer here, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dress everyday as if you are going to the beach, or that you have to give up caring about how you look.

If you are going to ride a bike – low rise jeans and minimal / no underwear just doesn’t work. People don’t like being mooned as they walk along / drive along the road.

Wearing a skirt that barely covers your bottom when standing takes a lot of guts and self confidence (and the right kind of bottom). Don’t do it if you are going to be tugging on that hem every 5 seconds.

If you are going to wear shorts or short skirts, or sleeveless shirts, please make sure you have rid yourself of excess body hair…it’s just not cool not to.

Oh and this new fashion of 4 inch shorts – it’s not for everyone. In fact I wonder who it is even for, because they don’t look good on anyone. Maybe on baby girls. Certainly not on plus size women!

And please don’t let your little daughters wear tees that say things like “Future Porn Star” – I have seen this on numerous occasions and it is far from funny.

and just so you know camel toe is only acceptable on a camel’s foot. I’m just saying,….

Men – unless you are riding, bicycle shorts are a total no-no. It’s just not cool. Please also, invest in a belt, wearing jeans practically below the butt is just a total turn off. I keep wanting to just walk past and casually yank em down – all it needs is a gust of wind.

Look, I am a religious woman, and I dress much more modestly than the above examples, I would love to wear shorts and a halter top, but I don’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t tolerate it on others – to each her own, but make sure you look decent. Look in the mirror before you leave the house. Have some self respect. Have some dignity.

End of Rant….(see what happens when I go to the store? I should just stay home and not look at people…)

Dream a little dream of me

Do you dream? A lot or a little? Do you remember your dreams?

I remember as a little kid my mum told me that I should write down my dreams and make them into films because they were epic. They were what I called “everyone dreams” – all the people in my life were in them. For the most part they were pleasant dreams, adventures, warm fuzzy ones. I did have a recurring nightmare about pirates on Ty Gwyn Road wanting to steal my new duffel coat (I must have been 6 but I still remember it clearly).

When the kids were babies I was so exhausted, who had patience to remember dreams?! But occasionally I would have an everyone dream – it felt good because it was like saying hello to people I hadn’t seen in a while. I am very blessed tho, usually my dreams are good ones.

Last night I had the most awful dream I have ever had. Luckily it didn’t involve bad things happening to those I love, but awful things happened. It was so bad that I woke up shaking. When I calmed back down and drifted off to sleep – the dream continued. This happened 3 times until I finally decided to get out of bed.

It is hanging over me today – and I wish I knew why I dreamt this and what it means. Apparently according to one rabbi or another, there is 1/60th of truth in every dream. There is a prayer that we say on yomtov, when the Kohanim are blessing us. We pray for good dreams. I said this prayer this morning in order to help me find some closure.

Here it is:

Master of the world. I am Yours and my dreams are Yours. I haved dreamed a dream but I do not know what it indicates. May it be Your will, HASHEM, my G-d and the G-d of my fathers, that all my dreams regarding myself and regarding all of Israel be good ones – those that I dreamed about myself, those I have dreamed about others, and those that others dreamed about me. If they are good, strengthen them, fortify them, and make them endure in me and in them like the dreams of the righteous Joseph. But if they require healing, heal them, like Hezekiah, King of Judah. from his sickness; like Miriam the prophetess from her tzaraas (leprosy); like Naaman from his tzaraas; like the waters of Marah through the hand of Moses out teacher; and like the waters of Jericho through the hand of Elisha. And just as You transformed the curse of the wicked Balaam from a curse to a blessing, so may You transform all of my dreams regarding myself and regarding all of Israel for goodness. May You protect me, may You be gracious to me, may You accept me. Amen. (Berachot. 55b)

How do you deal with your dreams – good and bad? Do you see a message in them? Do you ignore them? Do you think they are just a product of a great imagination?

I am in the process of writing out my dream – hoping it will bring me some clarity.