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Heinous or Harmless – Tailor Etiquette

I was just at a high-end tailor – I have a GORGEOUS simcha suit that needed to be taken in and adjusted. For regular hemming, lining, kick pleat sewing up (Ok I don’t do that, but let’s imagine) and nothing too difficult I use a lady that has a storefront near us. She is cheap, her work is good, better than mine would be anyway and everyone from the community goes there. But this suit needs a lot of TLC. It’s silk, has beading and I am very attached to it and I will look super awesome in it when it actually fits.

So, I schlep to the tailor who has done intricate work for me before, and had impressed me with his skill. I try on the suit. He gets out the pins. As he is pinning we are chatting, as one does. He asked the relevant questions, married, kids (I said WE had seven) etc. He then told me that I have a lucky husband. I said I know he is lucky, but why do YOU think he is? “Because you have a great body.” WTH? What am I supposed to say to that when the speaker is millimeters away from sticking me with pins, but I feel ogling me as he is pinning and has his hands near or on my body as he works? I totally blushed and tried to change the direction of the conversation. But I felt icky. Surely a tailor should keep his thoughts to himself, kind of like a doctor would.

I need a shower…..

Heinous or Harmless?