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Awesome Weekend

I feel like I have so much to say, yet I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen for a while. I left the screen, ate and returned and here I am typing – so lesson learned – no writing on an empty stomach.

On Thursday morning I made the monthly drive down to Monsey to visit my beloved husband, the KoD. As usual, as I approached the Canada USA border I started davenning in earnest. It seems that every time I have passed thru recently there has been a story of some sort. This time I had people all over the globe davenning too – thank you all so much for your help.

I am not a Canadian citizen. I have kept my UK passport, and as such upon entering the States I need to fill in an I-94. It’s a green form that gets stapled into my passport and allows me to technically visit the states for 3 months. So my last I-94 expired, and I had to renew it. This is where we were concerned. As I have written before, because we have started the immigration process it would not be unheard of for a border guard to turn me back and refuse me entry.

So it was with trepidation that I approached the border booth. The guy was nice, asked the regular questions, asked me if I was aware that I needed a new I-94. Then he waved me over to the customs and immigration building.

I sat down in the waiting area, pulled out the book I am using for research on hair covering, pulled out a pen and notepad, and figured I would make constructive use of the time.

Eventually I get called over to the counter, and I recognize the guard. (It’s a sign I cross the border a lot when I recognize the guy!!) He started asking me all the regular questions, and my heart is totally knocking inside my chest. Then he realized that the last time I came thru he was one of the dudes who pulled the car apart and interrogated me. “You’re the lady with 4 sons”, he says. And then he smiled. I knew Hashem was with me and it was going to be ok.

We chitchatted as I filled in the necessary form. He looked at his computer and commented on how often I cross. I told him I had to be with my husband as often as possible. We chatted about how expensive gas is. He wished me luck with the immigration visas and sent me on my way. Awesome!!! It could not have gone smoother.

It was the perfect day to drive. The sun shone as I left Montreal and shone up until I got to the Catskills. I decided to drop in on my husband’s place of work, nestled in the mountains. He emailed me directions, and I stopped off at New Baltimore rest stop to boot up my laptop computer so I could copy down the directions off of my email. Wi-Fi was free at the rest stop. So free in fact that it wouldn’t open any other program other than FaceBook. Not my gmail, not my twitter, not my blog, nothing but FaceBook. So New Baltimore Free Thruway Wi-Fi – you majorly #fail. Thankfully I had my trusty BlackBerry which costs so much when you use it on roam, but you do what you gotta do… I noted down the direction on paper – easier to look at paper than a BB when you are driving.

I wended my way through charming little villages with mom and pop storefronts, and actually arrived at KoD’s office without getting lost. (ok the fact that he was standing outside waving helped me know I was there…..)

It was lovely to meet all the people that get to work with my husband – and for me to now be able to visualize where he is during his workday and who he works with etc.

KoD finished up his work, and we cleared out of there. I followed him home – in the rain, with cloud cover so low it was swallowing up the cars. It was a little scary for me, but I managed it.

Friday passed with meetings and errands – I still made time for my PowerWalk, once the rain had cleared up. Even tho the KoD had work to do, it was just so nice being in the same place as him, breathing the same air.

Shabbat came, and we had an extremely restful Shabbat, meals with good friends at which we made new friends and totally enjoyed the most yummacious food. The community is just so warm and welcoming. We are so blessed to be part of the kehillah. I am only sorry that I wasn’t able to visit all of my new friends in the area. But PG I will be back, and will try to spread the wealth then.

I dragged the KoD out for a PowerWalk Saturday night – the man can move!! I have decided that the air in Monsey is heavier than the air up here, which is why I was walking slower than him. That works, right? Plus his legs are longer, and I was carrying weights – it slows me down!!

Sunday we went to the Palisades mall where we walked for 2 miles and saw plenty of stores and I bought no shoes. I was totally overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place and the number of people teeming about in there. People were spending money like there was no recession on…After a while it was just too much (I cannot believe I actually said that!!).

All too soon Monday morning came, and it was time for me to make the trek back to Montreal. It just so happens to be that today is our 4 month anniversary. It was great to be able to wish the KoD a happy anniversary in person – sucky that I had to leave right after. I got to drive home through sunshine and rain, lightning and thunder, and hail too. (and have I mentioned that I am afraid of thunderstorms???) I even got to slow down and watch a mommy duck lead her 8 ducklings across the highway. That was a special moment.

It was just such an awesome weekend, just being together without having to rush off anywhere. Doing mundane things together was bliss too – laundry and dishes etc. I so appreciate every second that I have with my KoD. I know how blessed we are to have found each other, but it is so frustrating that we cannot yet live together. I feel as if I am always saying goodbye. I hate to wish time away, yet I count the hours, minutes and seconds until we are together again. When I am in NY with my husband I am so thrilled and happy to be with him, but I miss my boys. When I am in MTL with my boys, I am so thrilled and happy to be with them, yet I miss my KoD. It is very rare for us all to be together under one roof, and I pray that we will all be together under that NY roof very soon.


update on the way

i know i havent blogged in a while – was in NY for shabbat, just got back. will update soon.