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I love this kid

My oldest has a best friend who I call Blessing, and he totally is a blessing. He hangs out with the two oldest, and is a very good influence on them. He has slept over the past two nights, which is no big deal – I call him my 5th son because he practically lives here. The kids have all grown up together and I do not treat him as a guest. When he is here for a meal he has to help clean up, I ask him to do stuff that I ask the other kids to do and he does it willingly.

So this morning I went grocery shopping with Squiggs and when I came home I had the other boys unload the stuff. As soon as everything was on the kitchen table waiting for me to organize it my way they were back in front of the Nintendo Wii (thanks dear friends for that gift – it provides many hours of amusement for my children. (I’m not sure if that was supposed to have a sarcastic tone or not)). Blessing has no tv or Wii at home.

It’s a gorgeous day and they wanted to spend it square eyed and flat-tushed. Nope. Mean old momma told them they had to go clean their rooms before the tv goes on. Fast forward 30 minutes of futzing around, and Blessing is working real hard cleaning the big boys room, and they are just pushing stuff from one place to the other. Squiggs asked me to tell Blessing to stop cleaning his mess, I told Squiggs that instead of me telling Blessing to stop, he should take over from him and do what I asked of him.

They finally finished cleaning their room and I made them go outside and get some air. I know they will be back inside soon because they will be hungry. Must be at least 30 minutes since they ate something.

(BTW I asked Blessing to move in with us – he never complains, never sasses me and always listens. Perfect Kid)


Lament of the Panty Hose

To me summer means bare legs and sandals showing off my pretty pedicure. Hot weather means long flowing skirts, bare feet running through the grass, no clothes sticking to me. Summer means no dratted panty hose, stockings, pop socks, thigh highs, knee highs, tights – whatever you want to call them. I refuse. No way no how. If I want to be uncomfortable I know where I can borrow a straitjacket.

Now I am not disrespectful. If I am going to be in an extremely religious environment I won’t wear the open toed shoes and my clothes will be a little more modest. I will even cover my “nees” [sic]. We had a graduation at the local school this week, but they have no air conditioning there and there was no way I was going to wear panty hose. It was for everyone else’s safety and comfort that I eschewed them. (I am sure the rabbis would not have wanted me to rip em off in front of all assembled because I felt I was going to explode from heat).

We have a wedding to attend tonight, and after polling some of my girls who are going to be there, the consensus is that panty hose must be worn. It’s an extremely religious affair, separate seating, lots of people, mainly black hat wearers and their expensive sheitel wearing spouses. (The wigs are expensive, not the spouses).

Here’s the thing – if it is separate seating, then the men are not going to be around to look at my legs, silk clad or not, right? Oh right, wearing panty hose is for me, so that I should know that I am tzanua. Right. But it was pointed out that it doesn’t matter, I need to dress the part out of respect for the Baalei Simcha, the people making the wedding. But I will be dressed modestly (gorgeously…and the shoes, to die for) – I just want to forego that panty hose. Is it so darn heinous? Will I really be excommunicated?

Come on ladies, let me know what you think?

wedding 003

Edited to Add a photo of how well i dressed for this wedding, panty hose and all.

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Free Gilad Shalit

giladToday marks 3 years since 19 year old Israeli soldier Gilad was kidnapped by Hamas militants. In three years his voice has been heard once. He has had NO visits from the red cross.  We have a massive campaign going on on Twitter to bring his plight to world attention. Someone posted the following prayer, and it moved me more than anything, so I wanted to share it with you. prayer for Gilad Shalit http://blip.tv/file/2282774.

Gilad, we have not forgotten you, we pray for you daily.