The Nerve of Some People

I spoke to my KoD last night before I went to sleep. Hung up, punched the pillow a couple of times and fell into a blissful slumber. The blaring of the phone woke me, heart pounding, at 12.10am. Local number. I picked up – someone trying to send a fax, wrong number, obviously. I hang up, punch the pillow, and fall back to sleep. 1.10 am – the blaring of the phone woke me up. Same number, same darn fax noises. Hung up. 2.10 am – same thing. By now I am frustrated beyond belief. I call the number back ready to spit nails, and all I get is busy signal. This time I don’t hang up. I leave the phone off the hook so I can actually sleep, but now my sleep is so disrupted that I dream that the phone is ringing when it most definitely can’t be, and I wake up.

I am now caffeinated and tried calling the number again – still a busy signal. I am so tired right now that I could cry. These imbeciles stole my sleep. Let me at them, once I find out who they are they will pay.

3 responses to “The Nerve of Some People

  1. Poor you! Can you catch a nap today?

  2. whats a nap? maybe, once i am done cleaning and laundrying…..

  3. sorry about your lousy night-hopefully, you’ll make it thru the day somehow (caffeine, anyone?!!!)

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