Because I am the Mommy

Mom : it’s time to go to bed, sweetie.

Boy : but I don’t want to.

Mom: yes but it’s time. Let’s go.

Boy (whining) : but it’s not fair…..

Mom: I know, sunshine, but sometimes we have to do what we don’t want to do because it’s the right thing.

Boy: Fine, when I’m a mommy I will let my kids stay up late AND eat chocolate. So there.

Mom: darling, you can’t be a mommy – you are a boy and boys grow up to be men, and when their wives have babies the men become daddies.

Boy: but Mom, you told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grow up. I want to be a mom and you can’t stop me… (stomp stomp stomp)

5 responses to “Because I am the Mommy

  1. In today’s twisted & perverted world, he just might be able to when he gets old enough.

    It’s a good thing he’ll forget what he said tomorrow morning.

  2. lol, that is the cutest thing I ever heard!

    btw, I once wrote a post about why kids don’t want to go to sleep.

    Sleep, why kids hate it, and adults love it

  3. Love that! Too cute…kids are the best. Reminded me a little of this:

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