I am guest posting!

Come check out my post on hair covering over on DovBear’s Brilliant Blog! Join in the discussion in the comment section too.

One response to “I am guest posting!

  1. I wanted to comment there but for some reason am “Banned by webmaster.” Very bizarre because I don’t know that I have ever even commented there, but whatever. Here is my comment:

    Very interesting post Hadassah.

    For me, covering my hair felt extremely uncomfortable and stifling. Not just physically but psychologically as well.

    I wore a sheitel, which was hideously uncomfortable, for the first week of my marriage. Thinking it was just the sheitel, I tried scarves and hats after that but it just wasn’t ME and I just could not do it. I’m thankful that I married a man who felt the decision was purely my own so he had no issue when I stopped covering my hair altogether.

    I’ve heard many angles on why Jewish women should cover their hair. I’ve heard the biblical sources, the chassidish / kaballistic reasons, the horror stories about women who didn’t cover, the wonderful stories about how women were rewarded for covering, but I have never had a regret or second thought about my decision.

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