No respect

I took the kids out to eat recently, to a place they love to go that is fleishig but not fancy. They like the steak sandwiches and crispy fries. I always get a stomach ache after eating there.

So we walk in, and no one is behind the counter. There is a young man surfing the web on his laptop bopping his head to his tunes on the iPod. My kids thoroughly enjoyed repeatedly pressing the bell they have on the counter, and laptop dude slowly and reluctantly unfolds his scruffy bendy self from the chair upon which he and his low rise jeans were slumped. Cool techeilet tzitzit though.

He saunters around behind the counter, one ear bud still in his ear, bouncing away to the music while he attempted to get our order right. The kids had to keep repeating what they wanted because ScruffyDude couldn’t hear it over the tunes screaming in his ear.

He kept looking over to his laptop, forlornly, as if it were a terrible thing that he actually had to work for a minute or two. I have never had such bad service in a kosher restaurant before. Even the kids remarked on the fact that he didn’t switch off his iPod in order to serve us. They thought it was rude. (this is coming from kids who are not even allowed to read at the table, so they definitely know manners). One even remarked that he wondered if the boss knew that his employee had no respect for the customers.

I generally don’t let this get to me, but this time I wanted to tell him off. But he wouldn’t have heard me anyway. Our food got to our table in a timely fashion and the kids enjoyed it. I left it at that. as soon as he had filled our order he was back to the laptop and the music.

If I got paid to sit and surf all day I would be a rich woman 😉

4 responses to “No respect

  1. That is awful. It’s really sad the work ethic some kids these days have. I guess the religious communities aren’t exempt, but it doesn’t make it any better.

  2. I would make a comment to the owner. As an owner of a company, I would value the feedback from my customers. I HATE to pay someone for wasting my time.

    One bad employee can turn away tons of business.

  3. I would let the owner / manager know what happened so that they can correct it in the future. On the flip side I am always careful to let the owner / manager of an establishment know when their employee has done an excellent job. I figure that if I would complain when the service was bad, I should compliment when the service is very good.

  4. Outrageous! There is no excuse for that! I don’t care if the person was 16 or 60! You should take pride in your job and have some self respect no matter what your age or what the job….terrible….

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