Chez Papa Ernie’s

We went out to eat tonight at this new restaurant / steakhouse. Its owner is a well known caterer and previous restaurant owner. The décor was not impressive. I didn’t appreciate eating opposite a painting of the back end of a cow, nor the fake cow hides on the tables. The waiters were dressed in denim shirts and jeans – too casual for my liking. The place was packed and the noise level was deafening. We brought the average age of the diners down by 30 years. The prices were fair considering it’s a kosher restaurant.

The service was prompt but the server was way too fresh. As soon as I had sat down he materialized with the menu (as I said, prompt) but he just had to make a comment about how much he liked my shoes. (pink espadrilles which lace up around the ankle).

The food came within 10 minutes and I must say my steak was cooked to perfection and all the sides were delicious and well presented. I cleared my plate. My dinner companion was not pleased with what she ordered, unfortunately, but didn’t send it back. The waiter came to clear away our dishes, looked at my empty plate and said “it’s always the skinny ones that can pack it away”. I thought that was highly inappropriate and forward. There is a huge difference between being charming and making the diner feel skeeved out.

The food was good but I was very disappointed in the ambiance. I expected more from Ernie. But this place has been open only 5 weeks, so I guess I will have to give it time. If you go, just make sure you take the door to the right. One on the left is to a massage parlour.

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8 responses to “Chez Papa Ernie’s

  1. ladylockandload

    Glad you had fun and satisfied your craving. No dessert?

  2. our dessert options were apple pie or pie with apples, according to mr charm school….neither of which grabbed me lol

  3. ….I dont know…steak sounds pretty good to me right now.

    And what would be wrong with taking the door to the left ;)?

  4. A classy family restaurant is the place to be. This is our 3rd visit to Chez Papa Ernie’s on Decarie Blvd near Bourret. This friendly find is the ideal eatery if you are looking for fine tasting homemade food; like Bubbie used to make. It is also the spot to meet an elegant class of people where folks surely know each other. I must say that Chez Papa Ernie is getting better & better each time we visit.
    As soon as we were seated, a friendly waiter arrived with 7 small salads, plus an assortment of delicious hot hors d’oeuvres. What a beautiful touch. We started with real homemade soups like Bubbie used to make. We ordered different main courses which were superb. Namely, my daughter had the GARLIC ROMANIAN KARNATZEL (very very tasty!), my son had a scrumptious MICHIGAN BURGER; my Hubbie enjoyed a tender 12oz RIB STEAK cooked to perfection. I devoured the CHINESE CASHEW CHICKEN STIR FRY which was served on a sizzling platter; truly a feast, well prepared & presented!
    We also witnessed two birthday parties going on with sparklers and very Frailach music. One table was served a Pareve CHOCOLATE CAKE and one an APPLE STRUDEL. We were very impressed to see all the Diners that joined in the singing and clapping as if they were invited. Ernie was always visible making sure the clients were being served properly. I give Chez Papa Ernie a 5-Star rating. Keep up the good work Ernie!

    p.s. Our 2nd visit was on a Sunday lunch. We enjoyed full course meals at very reasonable prices. The table d’hôte dinner menu is priced right. Valet parking is a welcome added feature.

  5. I really didn’t enjoy Ernie. The food is OK, nothing amazing, but not bad either. The steaks are not that incredible, you’re better off at Mortys if you want a real steak. However, their chinese was excellent. Much better than anywhere else in the city. The service is a little too friendly, clearly they need to hire better waiters, and the decor, well, it’s a little tacky.

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