Packing Up and Moving

So it’s no secret that the kids and I are waiting patiently for our Visas to come so that we can move lock, stock and barrel to be with our KoD in NY. I have slowly started decluttering, but not having a fixed moving date yet makes it hard to be motivated.

When the visas do come through it will be a whirlwind of packing and boxes and selling furniture etc. I need tips on how to do it all peacefully, calmly, efficiently and without losing my mind. Any help?

7 responses to “Packing Up and Moving

  1. well, first make a list of all the things that will need either an address change or cancelled

    kijiji is awesome for selling stuff

    have a garage sale?

    i would say focus on one room at a time. declutter first (like now) then work on packing. its much harder to do both. you end up packing it all because it is too hard to decide in the frenzy

    start collecting boxes…not too huge, these just end up being too heavy

    label all your boxes

    that’s all i can think of…

    Be well

  2. i would love to have a garage sale but we live in an apartment building – makes it very difficult.

  3. hmmm…maybe you can borrow a garage? or just have a bit of an “open house” set it up in your LR?

  4. i remember when we moved to teaneck 8 years ago, it was a challenge & very exhausting & overwhelming. basically, the process of relocating is time consuming & draining & personally i don’t know if there is a relaxing way to go about it but i guess slowly getting rid of what you don’t need is one way to start the process. also you may want to start packing up the winter clothing if you are pretty sure that you’ll be in the US by the winter…ditto with the pesach utensils, dishes, pots & pans…i wish you much luck getting it altogether in as peaceful a way as is possible. also, in teaneck we have a community yahoogroup called teaneckshuls where ppl advertise items that they are selling on a community website but i’m not sure if they have a similar service in your community especially since the internet is mostly frowned upon to begin with…
    again, much hatzlacha & it’ll probably be helpful to bear in mind that the end will justify the means so no matter how challenging the whole moving process will be, it’ll G-d willing be so worth it in the end anyhow…

  5. I really like Batya’s idea of starting to move some of the stuff down now. I did the same with my move. R took back with him boxes of mine. It makes a lot of sense to send KoD down with the peasach stuff and the winter stuff. And maybe any pieces of furniture, a few elephants maybe? SOME of your shoes?

  6. There are websites which specialise in helping you plan all the details with a countdown timetable, and then send you reminder emails etc so it doesn’t all rain in on you in one go. Natalie registered us with this one before we moved 2.5 yrs ago and it was invaluable:

    Hope you find something similar that’s of use to you.

    Had an email from Itzy a few weeks ago, mainly thanks to Melchett Mike – was good to catch up after many years!


  7. wow these are all great tips!! but how about you all come over and just help me pack? free beer, wine and single malt??!!

    Danny – saw you over on Mike’s blog. thanks for the laughs. Glad you and Itzy caught up.

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