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Why does the toilet paper company have to make you waste three or four sheets of the roll getting the glued papers unstuck? And where do they stand on whether it should hang with the paper over or under?

Why is the word FUN in funeral? It doesn’t belong there. The word needs to be changed.

Why oh why when women are in a bad mood do men blame it on PMS? Cant we just be in a mood because we are? Is that so unheard of?

Why do people look at me strange when I Snuggle™ with the towels that are fresh out of the dryer? It feels good…you should try it. But that darn bear keeps drowning in the washing machine…

Why do fat people squeeze themselves into smaller clothes? Don’t they know it emphasizes the cellulite and rolls of fat? And while I am at it, I really don’t need your clothes to be so tight and so see through that I can read your bra size through your shirt.

Why in the Dewey Decimal System libraries do they put books about helping back pain on the bottom shelf?? That’s like putting books about the challenges of being short on the top shelf.

Why do some people expect you to do things their way just because it works for them? I am NOT you – so leave me alone to do it my way. If I mess up, well then, maybe I will call you. (who am I kidding, I won’t mess up….even if it kills me….)

Who the heck do you think you are telling me that I am responsible for the continued exile because my elbow happened to be showing? Because my hair was uncovered for a while? Because I showed some nees? Why don’t you look in your own back yard and be perfect first before you criticize others. It’s so easy to judge people based on mitzvoth that you can actually see. What about what you don’t see? Nice, you dress tzanua but you have the filthiest mouth of anyone I know. Which one of us is better? Not for us to judge, so shut your freaking trap and leave my nees alone.

Why do people say “I know exactly how you feel”? No you don’t. You are not me, therefore you feel differently. Duh!!

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I’m a slammer

It’s the truth. Growing up there was a sign on my front door that said “Hadassah, it is not vital nor even strictly necessary for you to slam this door”. When I was mad, BAM! Front door slammed. Bedroom door slammed. Any door in my path slammed. That slamming gives a tremendous feel of satisfaction when you are angry.

Since I saw my kids start doing it I have tried so hard to stop. I hate when they slam doors. I tell them “talk to me, tell me why you are mad”, I try to get them to draw a picture or write in a journal. But children copy what they see.

I don’t want to be a slammer. Truth be told I have worked on it. But if I have to walk into my room because the kids have done something that upsets me and I need to calm down – the door will slam, and most of the time it’s subconscious.

Do you have any tips to break me of this habit? I am so not a violent person, I would never raise a hand to my kids or anyone else. But it seems doors are fair game. Help?

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