9 days – a funny

Courtesy of my KoD. We were on the phone chatting away, and I asked him whether he showers in the 9 days.

He says “Yes, but I take shorter showers”.

To which I say “Really?”

“Yes”,  he says, “I shower on my knees”.


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3 responses to “9 days – a funny

  1. *chuckle*

  2. ladylockandload

    I suggest sitting Indian style, more comfy on the “nees”. After my work out today I was dripping with sweat and really needed my hot shower. I hate taking these cold showers during the nine days. NOT looking forward!

  3. The Birth Whisperer

    I was in a packed elevator early this morning and with the humidity we’ve been having – boy you could tell who didn’t shower. And I was glad that I showered!

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