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Chuppah – revisited

So I recently had a chat with an old friend (you know who you are) who is fortunate enough to be getting married soon, for the second time. We were talking wedding plans etc. My friend was told that their kids are allowed to be at the Chuppah whilst I was not allowed to have my kids there for the ceremony. The reason I was given was that the children’s neshama (soul) still wishes deep down for his / her parents to get back together again, so you don’t make a fresh bond with negative vibes in the room. I was told this is of kabbalistic origin. My friend is getting married under the auspices of Chabad. Does this make a difference?

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The nine days

There is a lot of buzz over the internet in the last day or two about the upcoming 9 days that start tonight. This is a period of mourning for us Jews. To signify that we don’t eat meat, nor do we cut our hair, nor have celebrations of any sort. Rabbi Haber has a comprehensive article which is much more detailed.

But the main buzz among my G-d Squad (the people with whom I have religious discussion) on Twitter is how on earth can we manage the next 9 days without meat. People are talking about stocking up on steak, discussions have started about how to keep Shabbat going (on Shabbat we can eat meat) until the fast of Av by eating every 72 minutes to prolong the meal. I am not sure I understand how that works, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

So we can’t eat meat or chicken. Big deal. There are plenty of culinary delights in the dairy and fish world. One of my G-d Squad went as far as to call these militant meat eaters wusses for needing to stock up on their carnivoressness! I am surprised they haven’t come up with meat supplements to be taken orally or by, giggle, suppositories. You can do that with caffeine, why not with cow?

But if we have to give up meat and chicken, and for some it seems to be a real sacrifice, what does a vegetarian give up? How do they show their mourning food-wise? No tofu?

I have another question not food related, but nine days related. My seven year old son asked me why exactly he cannot go swimming. He said its just like taking a bath, Ima, just bigger. I told him because its not our custom to go the pool in the 9 days. But really, he is a kid, and children don’t mourn. So what’s wrong with little kids swimming?

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