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This is banned in the 9 days and that is banned. I want housework to be banned. You get too much satisfaction from a freshly cleaned floor / room etc.

Who is with me?

Ban Housework in the Nine Days (we will work on other time periods at a later date)

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Car Woes

IMG00085I had made an appointment to take the borrowed car in this morning to check the oil and tires and all of that. It wasn’t very happy the last couple of days so I also wanted the mechanic to check that out too.

I decided to take my 14 year old son with me, much to his chagrin. He wanted to stay home and blow stuff up on the Wii.

Driving along, and the car decides it just doesn’t want to go over 40km an hour. We are on our way to the mechanic…it’s ok, we will put on the hazards and just go slow.

We get to a red light. Car decides “to heck with this driving crap, I aint moving and you can’t make me”. Stalls dead right at the light, line of cars behind us. I try to turn the engine over, it revs but doesn’t catch. Ok let’s not freak out here. I try again. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Bupkiss.

“Ima” says my smart just turned 14 year old son, “put the car in neutral and I will push it to the side of the road”. He’s a kid….and he wants to push the car? The kid managed it all on his own. Ima is so proud. He’s exhausted.

I called Mr CarMan and told him what happened. He called for a tow truck, told me it would be about an hour until they came. A half hour later he showed up with a few bottles of water and soda for us, it is a hot day after all. He is just the sweetest person.

But here is the insanity. He has a plan through some idiotic company that you can only make one call for roadside assistance per car per day. That means that if they were not able to boost the car’s battery and the car would have to be towed, they would have to wait till tomorrow to tow it. Yes, that would count as two calls, not one. Have you ever heard of such complete insanity? So he asked them to just tow it to the garage.

We waited TWO HOURS for the truck to show. We kept being told that it was stuck in traffic. Traffic? At 10 in the morning? When there is no freaking snow on the ground?? I call baloney!

So my son and I hung out with Mr CarMan waiting and chatting etc. Such a gentleman! Finally just before twelve o’clock the truck showed up. Attached the winch thingy to the car, pressed the button and put the car on the back of his truck. Mr CarMan took the little prince home, and I went in the truck with the tow truck driver.

The mechanic took the keys once the car was safely deposited, turned the ignition and of course he has the magic touch. The engine turned over fine. I told him my story. He told me I had to leave the car there and they would check her out.

So I am in the middle of Ville St Laurent and I figure I will walk to the metro station, hop on a train and then a bus and get home that way. As I was walking I thought I would stop by my old place of work and say hey to a friend. It wasn’t too far and I had been meaning to see this friend for a while. He tweeted me as I was walking towards his office that I could borrow his bicycle to ride home if I so wished. Long tight skirts are not really the right gear to be riding a bike with.

So I showed up at the office, and we hung out and caught up for a bit – it was really awesome to be able to do so. Perhaps that’s why the car broke down – so I could catch up with my buddy? One will never know, but I choose to see that silver lining. Ev – you are one heck of a cool dude and it was truly awesome to see you. Thanks for the excellent coffee and conversation.

I am now home, about a million hours behind schedule and suddenly it doesn’t matter that my kitchen isn’t clean. It will get done. After I take a nap. Maybe Mary Poppins will show up today? I can dream can’t I?

UPDATE – it’s a broken fuel pump. Claudio the mechanic is gonna fix her up and get her back to me. Yay!

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