This is banned in the 9 days and that is banned. I want housework to be banned. You get too much satisfaction from a freshly cleaned floor / room etc.

Who is with me?

Ban Housework in the Nine Days (we will work on other time periods at a later date)

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5 responses to “ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  1. ladylockandload

    Sorry but I don’t want any issur on clean floors, I cannot function in a dirty house. So stay AWAY from my mop and broom girl!!

  2. Well, at least some housework is banned – laundry!

    In my house with 5 little kids, we definitely do laundry during the 9 days, usually not a day goes by without a load or two of laundry being done, during the 9 days, maybe a bit less, but still plenty on laundry. For example, this morning before camp, my wife tried to give out 6YO daughter some medicine (because she was a little warm during the night) and she dribbled it onto the dress she just put on a few minutes earlier. Dress goes into the laundry, another dress goes onto the kid 🙂

  3. I’m in, in exchange for a shower. Ever seen a men’s dorm?

  4. Hey if housework was banned for the nine days I might be tempted to start observing some of those restrictions 😉

  5. A Mommy Wannabe

    I heard that housework was banned for the nine days, somebody at my mothers work said that. Was she joking?

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