Daily Archives: July 28, 2009

Who on earth do you think you are?

If you want to know my business – ask me. I will tell you, or not. I will even tell you to your face that you have such bare faced cheek to ask me such questions. But at least you had the guts to ask ME.  Do not stoop so low as to ask my children for information about me. Do not pump the littlest dude coz you know you can get him to spill family secrets. That’s just lower than low. And anyway, what the heck is it your business? Am I up in your face with interrogations? Absolutely not. I couldn’t care less to know your private matters. If you choose to share such matters with me, fine, I will listen. But don’t expect the same kind of thing back from me. My private life is just that – private!

You mess with my kid, you’re messing with big momma. You have been warned.

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Dating WWYD

You met online. You have been speaking to each other on the phone for a week. Every night. Hours on end. He tells you without meeting you that he loves you. Is he full of it or do you think his declaration has merit? Do you tell him to get lost or does this comment pull you in deeper? Do you think a person can fall in love without actually meeting the object of his / her affections?

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The Same Religion?

This week my son will put on tefillin for the first time with a bracha. He will be barmitzvah a month after that. It is our family custom to start the boy off a month before so that by the time he is mechuyav he knows how to do it properly. Of course he has been practicing daily since he picked up his tefillin from the sofer. His older brother has helped him too – gets a little confusing as one is a rightie and the other a leftie.

I learned that Chabad starts the boys off two months before barmitzvah, and in some chassidishe places it is one week before. Now where on earth do we get such differing minhagim from? Isn’t it all the same Judaism? Does it really take a whole month to learn how to wind black leather straps around your arm seven times? And to do the horn thing with your fingers to make sure the shel rosh is properly placed?

Why do we have to practice? What else do we practice? And can you make a bracha when you are just practicing?

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