Road Rage…maybe not so much

We drove down to Monsey yesterday. It was a long and difficult drive. The kids were awesome. They made the difficulty easier to bear. The weather was awful. Rain was coming down hard, so hard that we were all driving with our hazard lights on. But some folk are obviously misinformed, because in order to change lanes, one needs to indicate with the flasher. When hazard lights are on, how is one supposed to see such an indication?? One is supposed to be a mind reader. I am not. I almost gave the finger to some people, but stopped myself. They probably turned on their turn signals, forgetting they had been driving with flashers on. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and thank G-d that we were not hurt nor was anyone else.

Then, on the turn off for the Thruway, I was almost rammed twice by the same car, and the “man” that was driving thought it was absolutely hysterical. He also nearly got the finger, but I am too well bred to do that.

Traffic was back up a lot of the way. Now, I was under the impression that talking on a cell phone is forbidden whilst driving in NY. Many of the cars that I passed had people talking on their cells and not hands-free. One guy was eating and talking on his phone while driving. Not cool.

Even though the trip was harrowing in parts, the kids’ awe at some of the things they saw made it that much more bearable. They found beauty in the way the clouds hovered over the roads. In how the sun shone while it rained. In the cool cars and Harleys that we passed. But one of the kids wanted to know how come you are allowed to smoke and drive – doesn’t it cloud your reaction times? Interesting question.

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4 responses to “Road Rage…maybe not so much

  1. Lady Lock and Load

    It is good that you controlled yourself, we have to be good role models for our kids who will drive in the future!

  2. “One guy was eating and talking on his phone while driving.”

    Sounds like my husband! Shhh… Don’t tell the cops!

    The weather can be extreme. I am always amazed at how low the clouds can roll. It cannot be described as fog, really.

  3. I’m not a smoker, and don’t condone it, but it does not cloud your reaction time, (unless you’re smoking a joint).

  4. Lady Lock and Load

    OIY, “joint”. that’s what that mom was on plus alcohol, eight people killed. crazy

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