Sharon’s Lasagna

Last night for dinner I made lasagna. This is my neighbour Sharon’s recipe. It is sooo easy. No pots to wash. I like recipes like this.

Ingredients :
one jar of marinara sauce
one container of cottage cheese
one package of shredded mozzarella
lasagna noodles

Spread a little sauce on the bottom of the nine by thirteen pan.
Lay down three uncooked noodles.
Spread layer of cottage cheese, some sauce, and mozzarella cheese.
Continue layering two more times, ending up with cheese on the top.
Add one cup of water and close pan tightly with foil, bake at 350 for two hours at least.

It was so delicious, and perfectly cooked. (and no green peppers in it LOL)

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13 responses to “Sharon’s Lasagna

  1. Nicki Weinberg

    Did you use no-cook lasagna noodles? I am in Israel, and you wouldn’t believe what they call lasagna noodles. They’re unusable! So happy for you…

  2. no – the regular hard noodles. adding the water before baking boils them.

  3. Lady Lock and Load

    What’s for dinner tonight?

  4. no clue….leftover lasagna? scrambled eggs? fresh air sandwiches?

  5. Lady Lock and Load

    Lasagna is even better the next day warmed up. Wesley kosher has ready made chicken that is yum and it comes with two small side dishes. Plenty of pizza places here, if you need more ideas let me know. I think I am making salmon tonight (costco).

  6. LL N’ L- You are so right about Costco here! They are amazing! You can get fresh and frozen kosher meat, dairy and other frozen goods at the Brooklyn location now.

    The packages of Mealmart coldcuts for $9.99 are incredible!

  7. Lady Lock and Load

    They have been carrying this meal mart stuffed cabbage (my hubby likes it better than mine).

  8. YES! We tried it also. We were not so crazy about it. They also have felafel balls, frozen cheese pizza (2 pies for $15!) and a couple of other dishes.

  9. Lady Lock and Load

    Monsey Costco has falafel balls from meal mart as well but I have not seen any cheese pizza. I like to get this quacamali there, it has an OU, I eat it every day (good for me ol’ complexion, 🙂

  10. Nicki Weinberg

    I have a question: is the fresh salmon from Costco kosher?

  11. Lady Lock and Load

    My Rabbi said best get the frozen with the OU.

  12. Sounds lovely but Two hours seems a long time to bake lasagna!

  13. it would take a lot shorter with the oven-ready pasta.

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